With Barcelona being one of the most-visited cities in Europe you might think there is not much to explore anymore. These 7 facts will proof you that there are still well-hidden secrets about the Catalan capital you didn’t know.

Read further, if you want to get to know Barcelona from a different side! We promise, you won’t find a list like this in any city guide!

1. No tip rules

  • It’s not necessary to tip in Barcelona. In many European cities it’s rude to leave a bar, restaurant or even hairdresser without leaving a tip. Not so in Spain. If you liked the service, go for it, but no one will blame you if you don’t. Very cheap!

Tip in Spain

Source: chenutis via Flickr

2. FC Barcelona – More than just a club

  • During every match of the famous FC Barcelona in its stadium Camp Nou the fans start singing “Independecia” at minute 17 and 14 seconds. This number symbolizes the War of Spanish Succession on the 11th of September and is today celebrated as the National Day of Catalonia.

Check out this video and the change of atmosphere starting at minute 00:21!

3. So artsy, even statues get dressed up – Meow!

  • In 2012 the famous cat sculpture at Rambla de Raval from Fernando Botero got entirely crocheted up by the artist Agata Olek from New York. Before she wrapped up the “Charging Bull” at Wall Street in an overnight coup.

4. A past that will give you the chills

  • Have you ever heard of the “Vampire of Barcelona”? In the beginning of 1900 the inhabitants of the city, especially in the district of Raval, used to live in fear of a vampire kidnapping and killing children for more than 10 years. Enriqueta Martí got arrested in 1912.

enriqueta marti Barcelona

5. Places with caracter

  • The popular bar and club Sidecar at Plaça Reial had many different usages before it became one of the trendiest places in Barcelona. It was used as offices of the newspaper La Vanguadia.

Sidecar Barcelona

Ever heard any of these secrets? Is there something we should add? Leave us a comment with things you learned about Barcelona and found ridiculously curious!

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