We’ve all been there. Our holidays are over and after collecting wonderful memories with our family, our friends or both, we have to face reality and go back to work and our routines. No matter how much we like our lives, travelling is always better, isn’t it? Since we know how depressing post-vacation blues can be, we have prepared a few little pieces of advice to deal with it.

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Recipes against post-vacation blues

Here you have GowithOh’s tried-and-tested tips to face post-vacation blues. Don’t worry – none of them include the September classics of eating healthy and hitting the gym!

  • Make a memory-box: Select some of your favourite pictures of your holidays, print them and put them together with some cool mementos of them (a rock from the mountain you climbed, a seashell from that idyllic beach you relaxed at or just your plane ticket). It can be your holiday-themed DIY project!
  • Pick up a nice habit: Think about what was it that made your holidays so special. Feeling the sand of the beach between your toes? That refreshing evening beer? Pick something from your vacation and bring it into your everyday life: It’s all about the details!
  • Play it down: Yes, going back to work is hard. But hey – you’ve done it before, so it’s not the end of the world! Try to concentrate on the good things of your life and don’t give it too much importance. It will be easier this way!
  • Start planning for the next one: Where did you go this summer? Cross the destination off your list of places you want to visit and take a look at what’s left. You can start thinking about your next holidays! It doesn’t even need to wait until next summer – a weekend getaway can be closer than you would expect!
  • … Save your holidays for autumn! If you find it hard to deal with post-vacation blues, you can always plan your holidays for later. Yes, you will have to face your routine again soon… But at least Christmas will be near!
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And what about you? Do you have any tip to deal with post-vacation blues? Our saddened and hard-working readers will be happy to read it in the comments section!

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