One of the many attractions of the city of Barcelona is the many different neighbourhoods it has. One of the most charming ones is the Barceloneta, a fishermen’s neighbourhood that you must have visited for sure if you’ve ever travelled to this Mediterranean city. And why? Well, its main attraction is the beach, as it is in the seaside of the city.


But the beautiful beaches located in the Barceloneta are not the only attraction of this historical neighbourhood. It also has a very interesting history: Did you know that its population didn’t peak until the 18th century? Barcelona’s fishermen started to stablish there by then to take advantage of its proximity to the sea. The population formed by fishermen and their families gave the Barceloneta a personality that it has kept until today, and that you can find in its narrow streets and the façades of its beautiful buildings, darkened by the proximity of the salty sea water.


There are many things that you can do in the Barceloneta, so don’t miss the following lines if you want to get to know this beautiful neighbourhood!

Barceloneta area in Barcelona

What can you do in the Barceloneta?

Are you ready to visit the Barceloneta? If you’re planning on visiting Barcelona soon don’t miss the following tips and ideas to enjoy this charming neighbourhood:

  • Enjoy the beach… We’re sure you already had this in mind, though! The Barceloneta beaches are really nice even if crowded. Don’t forget to go for a walk at sunset so you can enjoy the beautiful views.
  • And the food! The Barceloneta is home to some of the best tapas and seafood restaurants in town. We recommend Jai-ca, where you will be able to try delicious fish tapas, but go there with time because there is usually a queue!
  • Learn about Barcelona: By the port, you will find a beautiful building that hosts the Barcelona History Museum, which makes the Barceloneta a great place to learn about the city’s past.
  • Entertainment for kids: In the Barceloneta you will also find the Imax cinema and Barcelona’s Aquarium, where you can see sharks from a glass corridor. Your kids will love it!


Are you ready to visit the Barceloneta? Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comment section, we’d love to hear about them!

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