Berlin is probably the most exciting capital of Europe, and one of the traits that have made it so popular, besides its fascinating history, is its young spirit. It is one of the clubbing capitals of the world, and its wonderful street art attracts many young tourists and travellers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience Berlin with children!


The capital of Germany is a good choice to travel to with your children, as there are lots of entertaining places for them – as you will see in the following lines. There are great museums, beautiful parks and an outgoing atmosphere, especially when the weather’s good. Yes, it gets cold in the winter, but that doesn’t make it any less lively!


If you’re planning a trip to Berlin with the whole family and are running low in ideas, don’t miss out on our tips and recommendations to enjoy Berlin with children. There are options for all tastes!

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Berlin with children: Getting to know the city

Sometimes, travelling with the whole family can be a bit tiring. We have to adapt a little bit to our children’s rhythms, as they may not find sightseeing as exciting as we do. However, there are ways to make all the family happy by keeping your children entertained while you sightsee!


If you’re travelling to Berlin with children, these are our recommendations for your first few hours in the city:

  1. Rent a bike: Berlin is a big city, but the city centre is cosy enough for you to see it while doing a nice promenade by bike. The capital of Germany isn’t Amsterdam, but it is well prepared enough for your children to cycle safely. While you move around on two wheels, you can make as many stops as you want to see the beautiful buildings and historical spots!
  2. Go on a River Cruise: Another one of the fun activities you can do in Berlin with children is travelling along the Spree river on a boat. Your children will love it!
  3. Visit the East Side Gallery: This part of the Berlin Wall still stands, and is covered by wonderful masterpieces by artists from all over the world. If your children are old enough to learn and understand history, the East Side Gallery is also a wonderful place to introduce them to our recent past, as the symbolic common ground between all the art pieces is hope for a better future, for a future in peace.
  4. Enjoy the Mauerpark: Berlin is a very lively city, and one of the most enjoyable atmospheres can be found in the Mauerpark, where there still stands another part of the Berlin Wall. The Mauerpark is the perfect option for the weekend mornings in Berlin with children. There you will find a wonderful vintage flea market where your kids will have fun looking at all sorts of quirky things, there is street food, people playing guitar and flying their kites, and even karaoke sometimes! A one of a kind experience they won’t forget.


Other recommended activities in Berlin with children

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Berlin with children: Learning while having fun


As a parent, you know that there isn’t a better way of learning than having fun in the process, and there are a few activities where your children can learn new things and also have an unforgettable experience. If you’re travelling to Berlin with children don’t forget to consider the following options:

  1. Natural History Museum: This fascinating museum has lots of interesting exhibits and objects, and there is one your children won’t forget: the biggest dinosaur skeleton in the world!
  2. Museum of Technology: An interesting option for all the train and airplanes fun, and lots of activities to learn by doing, including an outdoors park!
  3. Science Centre Spectrum: You children will be able to learn about lots of scientific concepts with interactive activities suitable for children of all ages, including toddlers and teenagers.
  4. Legoland: Ok, maybe this won’t be exactly learning… But the fun can’t be denied! It’s the perfect place for your kids (and you!) to develop their creativity by learning with the classic lego blocks. Besides, it’s perfect to go after you’ve visited the city, as there are lego reproductions of many of Berlin’s most famous attractions.
Berlin with children: Legoland

These are some of the activities that you can do in Berlin with children, but not the only ones! Berlin has also one of the biggest zoos in Europe, and there are other interesting options where your children can learn and get in touch with animals, such as the Dömane Dahlem, where your kids will be able to see lots of farm animals and learn where the food comes from and how a farm works, without leaving Berlin!


Are you ready to visit Berlin with children? Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments – We’d love to know if you tried out any of our recommendations, or to learn about the places you discovered during your family trip!


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