It is definitely charming to visit a snowy Berlin in the winter, and the autumn colours definitely make the city beautiful. But with the spring comes the good weather, and the beer gardens in Berlin make it a perfect reason to visit it in this season as well!

Beer gardens (biergarten in German) are big, outdoors spaces with tables and benches where you can have nice fresh beers and local foods. They originated in Munich and they are the typical late-afternoon plan in Germany… And many other places, since they are becoming more and more popular.

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The best beer gardens in Berlin: The perfect plan for spring

Looking forward to soak on the spring weather from the best beer gardens in Berlin?

This is where you can go:

  1. The Prater Garden: This is the beer garden of the beer gardens! It’s not only one of the biggest (it fits 600 people), but also one of the oldest beer gardens in Berlin. The huge, green chestnuts make it quite unique. Besides, it has a playpen, so it is a perfect option if you’re travelling with children. It’s located in Prenzlauer Berg.
  2. Shcleusenkrug: This green and beautiful beer garden may be a delightful way of regaining your energy after visiting Berlin’s Tiergarten. It has access to the canal and the views are wonderful.
  3. Golgathe Biergarten: Our tour of the best beer gardens in Berlin brings us now to Kreuzberg, the young and most multicultural neighbourhood of the capital of Germany. Golgatha is a special one: it opens early in the morning and offers breakfast as well, and if you decide to go late in the evening, expect some DJs to play music for you until the next morning. Definitely, a beer garden for the sleepless.
  4. Bierhof Rüdersdorf: We arrive to the neighbourhood of Friedrichshain, where you will find this nice and different beer garden very close to the iconic club of Berghain. You can ever hear some of the noise from afar!
  5. Jagdhaus Spandau: And we put an end to our list of the best beer gardens in Berlin with a recommendation for those who are planning on exploring the outskirts of the city. Jagdhaus Spandau is a beautiful lodge located on the Havel river. The location is beautiful and, besides, it’s located next to the beach.

Have you ever been to a beer garden? If not, we’re sure that this list of the best beer gardens in Berlin will make this interesting city climb up a few positions in your list of future destinations. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments!

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