Sometimes, when we are on holidays, we prefer to get some distance from the masses of tourists and try to blend in with the locals – or, at least, try to look like expats. One of the best ways to do that is to go where the locals go, and a great place to do that is a café. Lucky for you, there are many charming cafés in the fabulous and imperial city of Vienna. With the cafés, the classical music and the museums, you could easily have the real Vienna experience. Here you have a list of the best cafés in Vienna!

Cafés in Vienna - Gowithoh

These are the best cafés in Vienna

If you’re a fan of charming cafés, you’re going to have a lot of fun in Vienna. Take good note of the following places:

  1. Café Central: One of the many thing we usually want to know about a café is what celebrities and personalities used to be regulars there – it’s no secret that artists, writers and politicians do like to meet at cafés. Leo Trotsky and Sigmund Freud used to like Vienna’s Café Central as much as you will!
  2. Café Europa: If you like brunch and cafés, Café Europa is the place for you. It’s a restaurant as well as a coffeehouse, and it opens until 5am in the morning, every day of the week. Yes, you guessed right: it can serve as a pub as well.
  3. Das Moped: One of the most unique cafés in the city – Don’t miss out on the opportunity of exploring its very different rooms!
  4. Kaffee Alt Wien: A real institution among the best cafés in Vienna – mid way between coffee place and tavern, and a very particular decoration.
  5. Café Sperlhof: One of the charms of cafés is their history – some hide interesting stories that are testimony to major historical events. Café Sperlhof is one of them, since it used to be the meeting point of the community of Jewish artists in Vienna. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, that changed a lot. Nowadays, you will find delicious coffee and a crazy number of magazines and board games.



Are you ready to explore the best cafés in Vienna? Don’t forget to tell us which one’s your favourite!

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