Berlin is a wonderful city that has a cultural and an entertainment offer for everybody, no matter their ages or interests. There is a lot to see, so it may be hard to find some space to relax if you’re just going there for a short holiday. However, the parks in Berlin sure deserve some attention, which is why we have prepared a list of the best ones in the city. They all make great spots for a picnic with the whole family, so pay special attention to this article if you’re travelling to Berlin with your kids!

Best parks in Berlin for family picknicks - Gowithoh

The best parks in Berlin


Take good note of the following parks in Berlin – they make a great picnic location!

  • Volkspark Frierichshain: Perfect if you don’t want to go too far from the city centre, this beautiful green park located between the neighbourhoods of Friedrichshain (of course) and Prenzlauer Berg has it all: nature, lakes, monuments and memorials. Did you know that it is the oldest park in the capital of Germany?
  • Mauerpark: This is one of the best spots in Berlin to go on a picnic, but also to do many other things! In this beautiful park you will find a piece of the Berlin Wall, and there is also a very interesting flea market. Of course, there is plenty of green for you to sit and enjoy the sun, but there is also a lot of life and activity. It’s not uncommon to see a street karaoke or people flying their kites. It’s big and entertaining enough to spend the whole day there – your kids will love it!
  • The Volkspark Rehberge: It’s far away from the city centre, but it is a great location to enjoy a day trip with the whole family, and one of the most charming parks in Berlin. There are sports tracks, nature, an animal shelter with deers and even summer cinema!


Now you must be willing to enjoy a picnic in one of these parks in Berlin! We can’t blame you – we’d love to go, too!

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