If you’ve ever been to Barcelona in the summer, you will know that the weather is so hot it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Yes, you can go to the beach, but once you get out of the water the sun takes just 5 minutes to feel like too much again. Fortunately, you can find several water parks close to Barcelona that will provide an unforgettable day of fun for all the family – especially if the family includes children! All of them are located at a reasonable distance from Barcelona, so you can go and come back to the city in just one day. However, some of these parks are located very close to Tarragona, a very interesting city worth visiting especially for its Roman amphitheatre, among other remains. It could be a good idea to dedicate a couple of days to this part of Catalonia.


We’re now going to briefly describe the best water parks near Barcelona – remember that you will be able to buy food and water in all of them, and that you will find all the services you’ll need to survive a day with very excited children!

Water parks near Barcelona Aquopolis - Gowithoh

Water parks near Barcelona: Aquopolis

Aquopolis, a water park located in the coast of Tarragona, Costa Daurada, is one of the most popular water parks close to Barcelona. It offers different water slides and super exciting attractions, together with lots of pools and even an artificial beach! Tickets are 29 euros for adults and 19 for children, but you can benefit from impressive discounts if you get them in advance. There’s also a dolphinarium where you will be able to see shows with dolphins and sea lions! You can get there by bus and by train, but the most comfortable option is the car.

Waterparks near Barcelona: Illa Fantasia

Illa Fantasia is the water park closest to Barcelona. It’s located in Vilassar de Dalt, a town in the province of Barcelona. You need to take a bus to get there, but do you know what’s the best part about this? It’s free! You just need to show your entry ticket to get there. The bus leaves from Ronda Universitat, next to Plaça Catalunya, and makes two more stops in the city. Illa Fantasia counts with 3 giant pools, 22 water slides and a picnic area. Tickets cost 28 euros for adults and 17 for children up to 1,20 metres tall.

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Waterparks near Barcelona: Illa Fantasia - Gowithoh

Water parks near Barcelona: Aqualeon

Aqualeon is one of the oldest water parks in Catalonia. It’s located in Albinyana (Tarragona), and it might be a bit uncomfortable to get there since you will need to take a bus. However, it’s a great option if you rented a car, as there are water attractions for all the family. There are higher slides reserved to older children, and also pools and attractions for the littlest ones in the family. Regular tickets cost 26 euros, 20 online, and just 17 or 11 for children younger than 11. They also offer family packs… And they organise birthday parties! If one of your children is celebrating his or her birthday during your holidays in Barcelona, it can be an awesome surprise!

Water parks near Barcelona: Marineland

Marineland is a special water park, because it has something that the other ones do not offer (with the exception of Aquopolis, the first water park in this list). Besides the pool, the water slides and the incredibly fun attractions, in Marineland you will also find a Dolphinarium! That’s right – In Marineland, your kids will also be able to see shows where dolphins, seals, penguins and sea lions are the stars, and they will be able to ask all sort of questions about them. They also have a show with exotic birds, and will be able to teach you lots about them! Tickets cost 28 euros for adults and 17 for children, and are free for those younger than 3. Besides, they offer family packs and two-day tickets. Marineland is located in Santa Susanna – there is a train that goes there from Sants and Plaça Catalunya (R1). If you happen to be in Lloret de Mar or another beach town nearby, there is also a free bus that takes you to the park.

Water parks near Barcelona: Marineland - Gowithoh

Water parks near Barcelona: Port Aventura Caribe Aquatic Park


Of course, we couldn’t end an article about the best water parks near Barcelona without mentioning the fabulous Caribe Aquatic Park, one of the three parks located inside the Port Aventura World entertainment complex. It’s a bit more expensive than the other water parks in this list, but it is also the most impressive: Tickets are 29 euros for adults and 25 for children younger than 11, with no regular discounts. Besides, you can buy combined tickets with the other parks in the complex, the theme park Port Aventura and Ferrari Land, and be there two or more days. Caribe Aquatic Park offers all sorts of water slides that will provide a real adrenaline rush, pools with weird waves, artificial beaches and even an indoor area for the little ones in the family.

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Are you now ready to include exhilarating water slides in your vacation in Barcelona? Your children will be thankful, and once you get to know Barcelona’s hot and humid weather… You will, too!


Remember that you can find all the information you need in the parks’ websites, and you will be able to buy your tickets there, too.

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