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Believe it or not, it’s our last day in Budapest! At this point, we already know the city pretty well, as we’ve walked a lot around Buda and Pest to see all the beautiful monuments. There still a couple of landmarks in Pest that we haven’t seen yet, but before doing that, we have planned a special excursion to see a very unique place that many people miss out on.


Of course, you can always stay in the city to walk around more or to visit one of the many interesting museums – it’s after all, the capital of Hungary, so the cultural offer is wonderful. In the previous articles of our tour of three days in Budapest we recommended a couple of great museums that were on our route – the Budapest History Museum located in the Buda Castle and the House of Terror, located in Pest. Both museums focus on Hungarian history, but you should know that the artsiest travellers have many interesting options as well, like the Hungarian House of Photography, that always provides interesting exhibits, the Hungarian National Gallery or the Kiscelli Museum are some of our favourites.


However, we’ve decided to take you out of Budapest for a while. On our third day in Budapest we’re going to go to the striking Memento Park, the last remains of communism you can find in Budapest. In this park located in the surroundings of the city you’ll be able to see many of the communist statues that stood over the city of Budapest during the communist regime – something not many people have been able to see, as most ex-communist countries decided to destroy all the statues and symbols once their communist regimes started to fall. Many of us have only seen what the aesthetics of communism look like in pictures and propaganda art of the time, so seeing the real thing truly makes an impression.


Budapest in three days - Day 3

So what exactly will you see in Memento Park? You will find a red-brick enclosure that hides most of the statues behind it – but you will be greeted by certain famous personalities: Two cubist-styled statues of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels and another one of Lenin. Inside you will find many other statues that portray different ideals and events, including homages to the International Brigades that fought along the Spanish Republican Troops during the Spanish Civil War, as well as engravings of the names of important battles during that war, such as Belchite, Brunete or Teruel.


Getting to the Memento Park is quite a short trip, as you’ll be there in less than an hour. There are several options to go there, like the direct bus that includes the ticket to the park and that departs from Deak Ter, in the city centre (around 5.000 HUF). You can also take the metro until the end of the green line and there take bus 150 or 101, which is cheaper – but you’ll have to buy the entry ticket to the park once you arrive, which costs 1.500 HUF or 1.000 for students. There are daily guided tours in English that last 50 minutes for 1.200 HUF.


Budapest in three days - Day 3

With or without the guided tour, the excursion to the Memento Park is perfectly doable in a morning if you’re not too keen on sleeping in. You’ll get to see not only the communist statues, which are impressive enough, but also the communist architecture and the environment of the outskirts of Budapest, very different from the imperial splendour that you can see in the city, both in the Buda and the Pest sides.


Once you’re back in Budapest, there is something else to do in the Pest side that we saved for today: Visiting the famous and charming Váci Utca and the impressive Great Market Hall, a beautiful, beautiful building where you can see stalls that offer Hungarian delicatessen but also where you can find all sort of beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones. Also called the Central Market Hall, it’s the oldest and largest indoor market in the city. The beautiful building was designed in the late 19th century by Samu Pecz, and it is one of the most popular spots in the city. To get there, as we just said, you’ll walk down Váci Utca, one of the most charming and popular streets in the city, full of souvenir shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés. Most of the buildings located there are from the 19th and early 20th century, so it is a place with history as well!


Budapest in three days - Day 3
Budapest in three days - Day 3

Well, we got to the end of our tour of Budapest in three days – as you can see, there is much more to do, as Budapest, with its baths, its beautiful streets and its amazing food, is a place where you could get lost for weeks and weeks. Which was your favourite spot? Is there any beautiful attraction you think we should include in the tour? Don’t hesitate to tell us so in the comments section!



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