We wish you a Merry Christmas from all of us at GowithOh and our guest bloggers too!

If you’ve ever wondered how to celebrate the holidays while far from home, we’re here to help! Our guest bloggers are going to show you how to celebrate the holidays no matter where you are in the world.  They’ve captured some great shots and made some fantastic memories celebrating Christmas in their GowithOh apartments! Read on to learn about holiday traditions all over Europe & have a #GowithOhXmas

Travel with Bender

travel with bender wish us a merry christmas

The Travel with Bender family has been roaming around the world with 2 young kids for more than 600 days now. They wanted to celebrate their pre-Christmas in Prague after hearing so much from friends about what a beautiful city it is around the holidays. They set their sights on celebrating an early Christmas in Prague!

They loved winter in Prague and thoroughly enjoyed all the thick, chunky soups and delicious, steamy stews. They highly recommend new-comers to try the “Trdelnik” which is a dessert made of a warm ring of doughnuts glazed in sugar, cinnamon and crushed almonds. Their apartment decorations were superb and you will love all the photos. The kids had a blast decorating the apartment!

travel with bender Prague apartment
travel with bender Christmas apartment

Notes of Nomads

Jessica and Hai from Notes of Nomads are a not so typical Australian couple who decided not to wait to see the world! They state that their prolonged travel and nomadic mindset isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a nomad too!
They enjoyed a Berlin apartment with us and set out to visit all the German christmas markets they could! They enjoyed hot glühwein in their GowithOh foldable thermos! Their homemade christmas tree was the perfect addition to their already stylish apartment.

notes of nomads celebrating Christmas

My Guía de Viajes

Fran began “My Guia de Viajes” to inspire others to go out and travel. He loves experiencing new cultures and meeting people who think differently than him. His passions are food and traveling and he began the blog in 2008 and has been traveling ever since!

He stayed with us in Madrid and went to the Christmas markets to get a few stocking for his kids! He also got a Christmas tree and a Santa to add some Christmas joy to his GowithOh apartment. They had a wonderful time exploring Madrid!

Holayessica & Ruben y el Mundo

Jessica and Ruben enjoyed their GowithOh apartment in Dublin. They loved all the Christmas festivities and all the Christmas cheer in Ireland. Jessica is the face behind holayessica.com and writes about Barcelona and her adventures in Spain. And Ruben makes travel videos and is quite the world traveler! He studied media production and performance and is now living out his dreams! His travel blog Ruben y el Mundo is all about making videos all over the world and pursuing his dreams!

A Nerd at Large

Steph Spencer from the blog A Nerd at Large transformed her modern Madrid apartment with Christmas cheer. Steph is a full time traveler who has a never-ceasing passion to see the world. She created a “geektastic” blog to encourage people like her to go out and travel the world! She added lights and purple glittery pinecones to her GowithOh apartment to add a touch of a classy Christmas. This simple idea is easy to recreate for Christmas decorations wherever  you spend your holiday season!

Backpacker, Black Dots White Spots & Travel Run Play

Steve from back-packer.org Susi from Black Dots White Spots and Carina from Travel Run Play made a GIF of their holiday fun in London apartment. These German bloggers spent their holiday fund on some holiday toys accessories as you can see in the GIF they made! They had a fun party and got into the Christmas spirit all together!

Steve Backpacker Christmas

Easy Hiker

Marlys and Michael are passionate hikers and started the blog Easy Hiker to share with the world that anyone can have adventure like them! They have set out to inform all about the great walks you can have around any destination. You can read about the walks they enjoyed in Rome here. They stayed with us at a Rome apartment  to enjoy the city like locals! They bought a darling “Vespa” Christmas ornament to remember their trip each Christmas while decorating their tree!

vespa Xmas


Edna Zhou from ExpatEdna tried to make her GowithOh flat Christmas-y but between the three straight days of sunshine and all the cacti, Santa’s a bit confused!

Lamb’s Ear & Honey

Over in Rome, Lamb’s Ear & Honey  are enjoying the sparkling ornaments at the plentiful Christmas Markets! There are thousands to choose from & make for the perfect souvenir! What a lovely scene!

Take a look at all that’s going on for #GowithOhXmas. Get inspired!

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