One of the best things about the city of Barcelona is its impressive cultural offer. There is always something going on! Nowadays, it’s the home of two of the most important and prestigious music festivals in Europe, Primavera Sound and Sonar, but it is also the home of theatre festivals, contemporary dance festivals and cinema festivals, which is our topic for today’s article.


In fact, there are so many cinema festivals in Barcelona that it would be a real quest to try to mention them all! Nonetheless, we’re going to try to tell you all about the most important ones, which take place every year and have become real cultural institutions in the city. If you enjoy the big screen, get your agenda and start writing down the following cinema festivals in Barcelona:


Cinema festivals in Barcelona: D’A

Your next big date is with the D’A Film Festival, that is, the Festival Internacional de Cinema d’Autor de Barcelona. This 2018 it will take place between the 26th of April and the 6th of May. It aims to offer a panoramic view of the world’s best indie films and emerging filmmakers, and it is the perfect even if you like alternative cinema. Besides new directors, there are many renowned filmmakers that bring their films to the D’A. The program for this year hasn’t been announced yet as they are now receiving the candidates, but we can guarantee that it won’t let you down.




Cinema festivals in Barcelona: DocsBarcelona

As you can see, we have listed many monuments in our list of what to see in Budapest, and you may think you’ve had enough history, but, if that’s the case, we have to disagree. There is some other place worth visiting near Budapest, and that is the Memento Park. When the Soviet Union and the communist regime came to an end, most of the statues that stood in Budapest where destroyed. However, some of them where kept and moved to this particular place, where they can be visited nowadays. It sure makes an interesting excursion, not only because you’ll be able to appreciate the characteristic aesthetic of the communist statues, but also because the ride there (you need to take a bus outside of the city, either a direct one or the 150 or 101) will show you the contrast between the imperial Budapest of the city centre and the communist look of the outskirts. Going to the Memento Park is a good way to understand Budapest.

Cinema festivals in Barcelona: Sitges

The Sitges Film Festival doesn’t take place in Barcelona, but its status as the world’s most important fantastic and horror film festival is enough for us to include it in this list. After all, if you’re in the city in October, when it takes place, it will only be a half an hour train-ride away from you! It’s undoubtedly the most famous film festival of Catalonia, and the one that has the biggest audience along the year. Its history guarantees its quality, as it has been celebrated since 1968. Besides the official competition, there are several wonderful programs and horror film marathons that you can go to, besides its already legendary zombie walk. In 2018, the Sitges International Film Festival will homage Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Cinema festivals in Barcelona: In-Edit

If music and film are two of your passions, you will love one of the most prestigious cinema festivals in Barcelona, In-Edit, which specialises in music-themed documentary films. It takes place between October and November (the dates for 2018 still haven’t been announced) and offers all sorts of films that allow the audience to learn further about music styles, cultures and musicians, including, of course, social and political films related to music. One of Barcelona’s most important cinema festivals for sure.

Cinema festivals in Barcelona: L’Alternativa

Last in our list we have Barcelona’s most important indie film festival, L’Alternativa, which offers all sorts of documentary, fiction and experimental films. They have probably the most ambitious program in the city and offer 9 days full of top-quality films. Dates for their 2018 edition haven’t been announced yet, but don’t make plans for the second half of November, because you have a date with L’Alternativa. Its top perk? They have a great film program for free at the hall of the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), where you can see film after film without spending one single cent — even though their official program and parallel sections are well worth the investment.

Other cinema festivals in Barcelona

Those are the 5 most important cinema festivals in Barcelona, but they’re far from being the only ones. Other important names are the animation film festival MECAL, which takes place in March, the FIRE! International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the Atlantida Film Fest, which take place in June, or the Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones (International festival of films made by women), which takes place in November, among many others.


As you can see, if you like alternative cinema, Barcelona is the perfect place to live, as there is always a wide offer of films worth exploring. Which one of these cinema festivals in Barcelona is more appealing for you? Do tell us in the comments!

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