Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities you can visit in Europe, maybe even in the world. It may seem as if there’s not much to do or to visit, as it is not a monumental city as, let’s say, Paris, where you must go to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame or the Sacré-Coeur. We don’t mean Amsterdam doesn’t have monuments, as it does, and beautiful ones, but the capital of the Netherlands is more of a whole thing, a beautiful sight with typical houses, old, dark churches and beautiful canals full of boats and green and flowers on the sides. Amsterdam has a very special charm, and once you’re cycling around in your bike, enjoying the parks, the beer and the bitterballen, it’s quite hard to say goodbye.


However, don’t forget that you’ll be in a privileged location to go on even several day trips from Amsterdam. It’s the capital of a small country, which means that you’re quite close to absolutely everything. In fact, the furthest train trip from Amsterdam would take you less than 4 hours!


But we have some proposals of day trips from Amsterdam that are even closer than that. As lovable as Amsterdam is and as cherished your time there will be, we strongly recommend dedicating a day to any of these. If you’ve fallen in love with your rental bike, don’t worry – you can take it with you on the train for a fee!

Day trips from Amsterdam: Utrecht

If you like Amsterdam, you’ll love Utrecht. We could say that this small city is Amsterdam’s little sister. Expect a similar landscape and similar constructions but way less tourists. Little medieval streets, a beautiful cathedral and charming canals that have sometimes two floors and are full of bars, restaurants and life. Utrecht’s University is one of its main attractions: it’s beautiful and prestigious, which means that you’ll be visiting a city full of students. If you want to spend the night there, you’ll sure be able to choose from many parties around!


If what you like best about Amsterdam is the beauty of the houses and the bike promenades, Utrecht is the ideal excursion for you. And it’s only a half-hour train ride away!


Day trips from Amsterdam: Utrecht - Gowithoh

Day trips from Amsterdam: Rotterdam

Rotterdam is probably the most unique city in The Netherlands, as it is the most different from the rest – albeit if the reasons why are so grim. Rotterdam was partially destroyed by bombs during World War II, and thus it had to be reconstructed, and since the motto was innovation and modernisation, many of the half-destroyed buildings that remained were demolished. Rotterdam became a “working city” and a model for modernity.


Those who like architecture and design will sure choose this destination over all the possible day trips from Amsterdam, as it is full of modern constructions that make it one of a kind, such as the famous and impressive Erasmus bridge or the Centraal Station, which has absolutely nothing to do with Amsterdam’s but is just as iconic. The Europort is huge and makes a fascinating visit, as well as the incredible Bojimans Van Beuningen art museum. Foodies will have an amazing experience at the Fenix Food Factory, where besides eating you can take part in tastings and cooking workshops. As you can see, Rotterdam is a great city!


Day trips from Amsterdam: Rotterdam - Gowithoh

Day trips from Amsterdam: Haarlem

Haarlem may be closer and less famous than the other two cities we just mentioned – in fact, it’s not that touristy, although no expat living in Amsterdam will miss this excursion. This beautiful town is just a 13-minute train ride from the capital, but what makes it one of the best day trips from Amsterdam is the possibility of going by bike. The ride is beautiful and full of nature, and you don’t need to be an athlete to do it, since it takes just a little bit more than an hour and, as the Netherlands are famous for being so flat, it’s easy enough to endure. You won’t need to worry about getting lost at all as the road is quite straight-forward, and you will be rewarded with a pretty and quiet town. Undoubtedly, a pretty nice way of spending your day.


Day trips from Amsterdam: Haarlem - Gowithoh

Day trips from Amsterdam: Keukenhof

Of course, we couldn’t end our article of day trips from Amsterdam without mentioning Keukenhof, the garden of Europe! We’re sure you’ve seen those stunning pictures of fields and fields of colourful tulips. Well, this is where to find them! You’ll find it after a 50-minute train ride. Remember that they only bloom from March to May though!

What did you think of these great day trips from Amsterdam? If you have time during your vacation, which of them are you going to choose? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!


Day trips from Amsterdam: Keukenhof - Gowithoh
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