Easter is coming, so you are probably starting to wonder what to do during these short holidays. Easter is always a sign that the good weather is just around the corner… But it can also mean that it has arrived! In northern and central Europe, April can still be a cold month, but in the south of the continent it usually means that it’s time to return your coat to the depths of your wardrobe and to take your colourful tees to greet the sun. That’s what happens in one of the most visited countries in southern Europe, Spain, where Easter is a very special time.


In the following lines, we suggest three wonderful Easter trips that you can do in Spain. Three very different destinations with a few perks in common, three cities spread in three different parts of the country. The first one is in the north and by the sea, the second one is right in the centre, and the third one is in the south and has its good share of water even if it’s not by the sea… Are you able to guess these 3 Easter trips proposals? Keep reading then!

Easter trip to Barcelona Gowithoh

There are many reasons why Barcelona is one of the best possible destinations if you’re considering possible Easter trips. First of all, you need to take into account that Barcelona is one of the most popular summer destinations in the whole world. Actually, it is one of the most popular destinations in general, so travelling there in Easter doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with tons and tons of tourists. You will, but there will definitely be less than during the summer! If you’re in the mood for swimming in the beach, you probably won’t be the only one, as usually the weather’s good enough for a beach day without being sure to catch a cold. The locals will think you’re crazy, though!


OK, let’s admit it – a beach day in all its glory (that is, with swimming plus sunbathing) may be a bit too much, but Barcelona in Easter is as good as summer for all the rest: hiking, walking around, eating and drinking in the lively terraces… You will be able to do all of it!

Easter trips: Madrid

And you will also be able to do it in Madrid, where the terraces and the friendly nightlife are one of the main attractions. You won’t find a beach in the capital, but you don’t really need one, as it has culture and entertainment for days and days. You can go to El Prado Museum or the Reina Sofia museum, you can have a bocadillo de calamares at the Plaza Mayor, enjoy El Rastro flea market and sunbathe in El Retiro Park.


Opposite to what happens with Barcelona, you will find the city more crowded than in the summer, and the reason is the weather: Barcelona has the beach and attracts tons of people in July and August, but Madrid’s locals run away from the heat at the first chance they get. Which means that Easter is one of the nicest times to enjoy the capital of Spain! Besides, the weather will be good enough for you to enjoy a day trip near the city, as there are many wonderful options. You can visit the Royal Palace of Aranjuez or go hiking to the Guadarrama Mountains.

Easter trip to Madrid Gowithoh

Easter trips: Seville

Last but not least… Seville, one of the gems of southern Spain, and a very special destination during Easter! The first reason would be the weather again. Andalusia is an incredibly beautiful region with cities full of life, but travelling there during the summer can be a bit tough. The south of Spain is famous for its heat, and the truth is, in Seville it’s easy to surpass the 40 degrees Celsius and not even during the hottest hours of the day – which is the main reason why travelling there in Easter is a wonderful idea. But not the only one!


Religious Eastern celebrations in Andalusia are something you’re not likely to forget. Faithfull from all corners in Spain take part in the processions or pasos, and although the cities are very crowded, the picturesque images are sure worth it. At the mass processions, which last for hours and into the night and the morning, you will be able to see the penitents (Nazarenos) with their characteristic costume and peaked hats, the bearers (costaleros), and you will be able to smell the incense at all hours. Between procession and procession, you will be able to have some drinks and tapas in the bars nearby. Semana Santa is the name of Easter in Spain (it translates to Holy Week), and in Seville it has been declared as an International Tourist Interest event. Are you ready to experience it?


After reading these lines, you must be considering Spain as your next destination. As you can see, you can pick three very different Easter trips in nature!

Easter trip to Seville Gowithoh
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