Food is an important part of any trip: getting to know a city, or a country, also means trying the typical cuisine, weather you’re a foodie or not. Besides, the culture of a place is also heavily linked to its food-related routines, which is why food markets are a big part of Barcelona. Nowadays, we tend to buy all our food in supermarkets, and, while going to farmer’s markets is trendier every day, most people only go there once a week or once a month. However, food markets are still quite a big thing in Spain and Barcelona, as there are many people who prefer to go there to buy fresh produce, especially fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Did you know that there are almost 40 food markets in Barcelona? Each neighbourhood has at least one of them, even though some are small and not very touristy. However, visiting a food market is still highly recommended when you travel to the city. The Boqueria Market is the most famous, but there are others worth visiting all over this beautiful Mediterranean city.


Nowadays, Barcelona’s food markets offer more than fresh food. There are also many stalls that offer street food to eat on the go, and even great restaurants located inside of them that could offer a great culinary experience. In the following lines, you will be able to learn more about the food markets in Barcelona. Write down their names to have a delicious vacation!

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Food markets in Barcelona: Boqueria

If you are planning your trip to Barcelona, you must have the Boqueria Market on your to-do list. It’s the most famous and visited one in the city, partly thanks to its privileged location in Las Ramblas, right in the city centre. You will find the Boqueria market strikingly beautiful thanks to the many fruit stalls, where you can find all sort of exotic and local fruits. In some of them, you can buy cold natural juices and fresh fruit so you can have a refreshing snack at any time of the day. But that’s not all! If you go inside the market, you will be able to find all other sorts of stalls. Many of them offer street food options such as empanadas, and there are also some very interesting restaurants. One of the most famous is El Quim de la Boqueria, where you can try its most famous dish, friend eggs with tiny octopus (huevos fritos con chipirones) or their heavenly croquetas. You can also go to Pinotxo, a traditional tasca where you can have tapas and other famous dishes. Its owner, Joan Bayén, known in the city as Juanito, even won the Gastronomy award of the city of Barcelona.

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Food markets in Barcelona: Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina is another one of the famous markets of the city of Barcelona, also thanks to its privileged location. It’s in the Gothic Quarter, in the city centre, right next to the Cathedral of Barcelona. It’s also famous thanks to its colourful and wavy roof, which can be seen from afar. There you will find many restaurants that can be proud of offering fresh produce – from the market right to your plate! Try the brunch at Picnic restaurant, or go for a full meal at Latorna or Cuines Santa Caterina, which will leave you happy and satisfied.


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Food markets in Barcelona: La Barceloneta

If you’ve decided to go to the Beach, the beautiful fishermen’s neighbourhood of La Barceloneta also has its own food market, of course, which has been recently remodeled. Besides the wonderful fresh produce you can find in any food market in Barcelona, you will also find bars where to grab a bite and wash it down with a refreshing beer. The market is located in a big plaza with terraces, but you will find bar-stalls inside, El Bar del Paco and El cafè del Mercat. Both offer sandwiches and a variety of tapas so you can satiate your hunger after spending all morning swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

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Food markets in Barcelona: Sant Antoni

It’s considered by many the most beautiful market in the city, but, right now, you can only see it from outside, as it’s going through a remodel that has lasted a few years and is still unfinished. The market is still working in a temporary building installed in Ronda Sant Antoni, so you can still buy fresh produce or sit to have some tapas or a sandwich in its bars. Besides, right next to it you will find the famous tapas bar Els Tres Tombs, where you can have yummy tapas in the terrace. It’s always packed, so go there early!


If you’re a real foodie, remember that you can find a market near absolutely any place you visit in Barcelona. You just need to ask the locals or look for the information you need in the website of the city markets, Don’t forget to tell us about your market experiences in the comments section!

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