When travelling, sometimes we find the perfect plan for the perfect moment, without even planning or expecting the outcome. Whenever we visit a new city, we tend to plan our days by filling them with all the attractions and museums we want to see – but sometimes we forget to leave some space for the unexpected.


And the unexpected can be getting lost and discovering a wonderful little art gallery, or a bar where we’ll have the most fun of all the trip. And once, in Berlin, our stroke of luck was getting lost trying to find the Soviet War Memorial located in Treptower Park. It was winter, and we had found ourselves in a green park covered a by white sheet of snow. It was windy and walking was hard, but we had come on purpose and we were not ready to give up just yet. Besides, the trees, the snow and the solitude of that quiet winter afternoon made us feel as if we had just jumped into the most stunning picture. So we kept walking, and at some point we arrived to a magical place that looked just as the setting of a horror movie – but a beautiful one. There were statues with the form of dinosaurs fallen on the ground, huge circus tents in red and yellow, a Ferris wheel, a train that looked like one of those little wooden trains, but life-sized and painted in green and red. Everything was covered in snow and surrounded by dark, naked trees.

getting lost

We later learnt that we had arrived to the Spreepark, an entertainment park that closed in 2002 due to bankruptcy. The remains of the old attractions still lay there, paused in time, and we were lucky enough to get lost and see them.


The uncanny thing is that it was minus 20 degrees or worse, and the snow was all around us, but we didn’t even feel the cold that much. Just that same morning we had jumped from café to café every 5 minutes because we couldn’t bear the cold, but when we were surrounded by that fairylike abandoned place, we assumed it as part of its magic. Sometimes, getting lost when travelling is a bliss – even if it’s cold.

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