Whether you’re a frequent traveller or like to look forward to one city break a year, our new city guides have been created with you in mind. For each of our GowithOh destinations across Europe, you will find a full set of articles designed to make your stay in the city a full and fun one.

Genuine insights from locals

Sidestep the typical tourist traps – our city guides dig deep to help you make the most of your European adventure.
Each article has been written by a resident local, meaning you will be getting your hands on insider info that could make all the difference to your experience of the city. As passionate European travellers ourselves, this was a no-brainer – and we’ve spared no expense in making sure our guides are practical, thorough and available in six languages.

GowithOh London guide

From landing to leaving, all your needs covered

Whichever GowithOh city you’re heading to, explore articles covering:

  • how to get from the airport to the city centre
  • a suggested 3-day itinerary around the city
  • all about the local cuisine
  • transport options around the city
  • what the weather will have in store
  • some handy vocab to help break the ice with the locals

All of our articles are available on our website, and you can also download them all in one fell swoop to use as a printed reference during your holiday.

We hope you have as much fun following our city guides as we’ve had producing them – happy exploring!

Your GowithOh team

At GowithOh, we are an enthusiastic team of self-confessed Europhiles who are passionate about travel. We especially love the variety of city breaks possible in Europe, from the historic UNESCO heritage cities like Prague, to the more cosmopolitan beachside destinations like Barcelona. We love discovering the hidden gems in different cities and sharing them with our fans so everyone can benefit and enjoy the perfect city break in Europe.