Today we have the pleasure to interview Tawny and Chris from CaptainAndClark.

You might remember them from this video of 2012 entitled “Let’s GowithOh”, if not we strongly suggest to watch it!

They’re answering our questions and sharing with us their experiences and thoughts about traveling around the world.

Captain and Clark interview with GowithOh

1. You got married to each other last year. Congratulations to that first! How does travelling together and sharing so much private info on your blog influence your relationship?

Thank you! We can’t believe it’s already been a year. It’s crazy how fast it’s flown by.

You know, both Chris and I are open books. Letting our readers in on glimpses of our unique relationship not only sets us apart from a lot of other couples, but also has a level of intimacy. The vulnerability of letting others into our lives allows our readers to really get to know us as people, not just talking heads.

Our relationship grows stronger each day and we’re happy that we can share our love and adventures with others.

2. Which one of you trips was the craziest one?

I think our craziest trip was probably the month we spent traveling through India. Nothing can really prepare you for the glorious chaos that is India and we found ourselves wonderfully overwhelmed every day that we were there.

We ended up befriending a rickshaw driver in Jaipur and he offered to take us around Rajasthan on a week-long road trip. We visited the cities of Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, and slept under the stars in the Thar desert. Our new friend, Imran, ended our trip by dropping us off in Agra.

Two days later we were at the Taj Mahal and Chris proposed. It was one crazy adventure.

Captain and Clark at Taj Mahal

3. If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Why?

I posed this questions to Chris and his answer was 1874 in the South Dakota territory. It was a rockin’ time in American history with the expansion of the railroad, boom towns, and the Gold Rush. Side note: he’s been watching a lot of westerns and Hell on Wheels lately.

I would love to visit Paris during the 1920′s Jazz Age. So much was transitioning and changing at that time and I would love to be able to witness it first hand and in Paris, no less!

4. Think of a single song that you could listen on repeat while travelling, which one would it be? 

Another tough question. There are a handful of songs that I can listen to without getting bored. I’m going to have to choose the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. I love listening to it while in transit, whether on a plane, train, bus, etc.

It reminds me that Chris and I can be in even the farthest corners of the globe, but I still feel home as long as we’re together. Sappy, I know.

5. You tried so many different foods during your trips. What was the most disgusting and the tastiest food you’ve tried so far?

This is another question I had to ask Chris. He’s way more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. His answer surprised me though.

He claims that the worst thing he ever ate was meat porridge that was served to us while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I don’t remember the stuff, but it apparently is deeply etched in Chris’ memory. He said it was an ungodly color of pink and resembled refried beans but was actually a slop of meat in a little bowl. He’s eaten some crazy food but apparently that one takes the cake.

As far as the tastiest goes, it’s hard to choose. Everything we ate in Italy was amazing. I get hungry just thinking about the meals we had while there. I was also pleasantly surprised by all of the dishes we had in Croatia. The Italian and Austrian-Hungarian influence comes through in the dishes and I found myself particularly taken with the heaping plates of creamy gorgonzola gnocchi. OK, now I’m really hungry.

6. What’s your favorite Instagram photo? 

One of our favorite instagram photos was this one taken at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. I just love the emotion that it captures. We were rubbing the slimy algae mud on us and our reactions were priceless.

Our trip to Iceland was one of our favorites. That country is nothing short of magical.

Enjoying a slimy scrub at @bluelagoonis. Our skin feels amazing! #icequest #sexyiceland

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7. Taking in consideration your travel bucket list, what is the most important thing that you want to do next?

We are both desperate to get to Antarctica. It’s a destination that has been on our bucket list for awhile and I think we might be able to make it happen in the next few years or so. I would also love to get to Israel some time in the near future. There are so many places that we would love to explore.

We feel just like the Susan Sontag quote, “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

8. Imagine a person that has never traveled before in life. What would you suggest to this person for the first trip?

There are so many ways to ease into travel but our advice would be to jump in head first. Life is short and we need to make the most of it. Choose the place that you’ve always dreamed of seeing and book a ticket. Mistakes will be made and misadventures will be had, but those make for the best stories.

We’ve been traveling for most of our lives and we find ourselves learning something new with every trip.

9. What’s the best memory of your time in Hawaii?

Oh man. I have so many amazing memories from Hawaii because I was actually born there. I have family on both Oahu and Maui and I love going back, stuffing myself with my favorite Hawaiian foods and talking story with my loved ones. Chris and I were fortunate enough to honeymoon there and had a blast island hopping. We also went back recently to Maui and really enjoyed exploring the island and volunteering.

10. What did you like the most about the Cat Café in South Korea?

The cats! We lived in South Korea for two years and after our first two months in the country we ended up adopting a sweet little kitty. We’re animal lovers through and through. We brought our little fur ball back with us when we returned to the States and he loves spending time with his grandparents while we’re traveling.

The cat cafes in Korea are a unique experience. The human patrons get to spend time petting and playing with the cute cats while the felines have a blast getting all the attention they could ever want.

It’s an added bonus that coffee is included!

11. Pick one situation for each destination:

A. Live for one year
B. Travel for two weeks
C. One-day trip

China/ Colombia / Portugal

A. Live for one year: Portugal

We would love the opportunity to live in Europe for a year. Neither of us have been to Portugal but we’ve heard amazing things about the country and could easily see us spending a solid amount of time there. Plus, it’s so easy to travel around Europe. We could take little trips to so many other countries.

B. Travel for two weeks: Colombia

Colombia is a country that we’ve wanted to visit for a while now. It would be fun to explore the country, from it’s beautiful beaches and intricate cities to its lush forests. Chris speaks great Spanish so we would be able to get around relatively easily and have you seen the food there. It looks so delicious!

C. One-day trip: China

We would obviously love to spend more than one day in China but Chris has been to China before (I still haven’t been) and knows what we could fit in during our one-day trip. I would love to explore Beijing and treat myself to some of the country’s unique street food scene.

12. Lastly, what is your favorite hobby while you’re not travelling?

We’re really big into archery. We actually throw an annual archery tournament for all of our friends during the month of September. Everyone dresses up to the theme (this year’s was Game of Thrones) and spends a weekend arching, playing games, and enjoying the company of great people. It’s a family holiday that we find ourselves looking forward to every year.

Captain and Clark
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