Meet Jeff and marina, two best friends who prove that friendship and travelling is a good combination! They both studied photo journalism and documentary film making, which give great articles and footage for their blog Latitude 34.

They started traveling in 2014 in Europe and have been to many other countries on different continents ever since. Together with all this travelling adventures and experience come great stories, so we just needed to interview them!

GowithOh Interview Latitude 34 Jeff and Marina

1. Traveling with your best friend must be awesome! Or does it just sound that great?

Traveling with a best friend is seriously one of the best things in  the entire world! I have loved traveling by myself all across the world but there is nothing more special and exciting than being able to share those experiences and memories with a best friend. There is also no quicker way to see if you really get along with someone than to pack your bags, jump on a plane and put yourselves in stressful situations like 19 hour bus rides or being stranded in the middle of nowhere – either you’ll laugh or cry, both make for great learning experiences!

2. If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Why?

If I could travel back in time I would probably go to Europe in the 1800′s. Walking through the streets of Paris, one of our favorites cities, we so badly wish we were strolling the same streets 200 years ago. Can you imagine?!

3. Which one of you trips was the craziest one?

Our craziest trip was easily the first half of 2014 when we traveled to 35 countries in 150 days across 4 continents – can’t get much crazier than that. During that time we took a cruise in Italy, visited Africa, jumped above the Arctic Circle in Finland, climbed inside the Great Pyramids and relaxed in the Maldives – all in a days work!

GowithOh Interview Latitude 34 Marina in Italy

4. Imagine a person that has never traveled before in life. What would you suggest this person for the first trip?

Stop asking questions like this! Buy a ticket, pack some clean underwear and get your but on an airplane. There is no better way to take the plunge than to just do it. No excuses – travel like you mean it!

5. Tell us a “secret” travel tip that isn’t mentioned in your website

The best secret to travel is to not think too much. Seriously. Drop the guide book, get lost, take a chance, break a boundary and push your comfort zone. Does that sound like a lot to take it? It is, but follow it and it will change the way you travel forever, we promise.

6. Think of a single song that you could listen on repeat while travelling, which one would it be?

How dare you ask us to narrow it down to just one song! We’ve tried to think of just one, but never can pick a single track to play on repeat while traveling, so we’ve compiled a complete list of the 26 Best Travel Songs of All Time to answer this very question – Enjoy!

7. Favorite Instagram photo? 

Wow, hard question! We work really hard to keep the Latitude 34 Instagram page fresh and fun with pictures from all over the world mixed with inspirational quotes. This one is one of our favorite quotes and is on one of our favorite beaches in the world where we used to call home, Karon Beach in Phuket, Thailand.

8. Favorite YouTube video? 

We’ve gone on some grand adventures over the years, but our favorite in 2014 was by far our trip to Finland in March. We did some incredible things, ate unbelievable food, saw beautiful sites and went ice swimming above the arctic circle!

This one one of the more extreme things we have done but we would both do it again in a heartbeat, a once in a lifetime experience for sure!

9. Pick one situation for each destination:

A. Live for one year 
B. Travel for two weeks 
C. One-day trip 

Nigeria| Chile |Finland

A. Live for one year: We would live in Finland for a year in a heart beat!
B. Travel for two weeks: Having first lived together in Santiago we’d love the chance to go back for 2 weeks!
C. One-day trip: One day in Nigeria sounds hectic but will give us enough of a flavor to know what we have to come back and explore further the next time!

10. From all your Photo Galleries, what was the most pleasing one to take part? 

Both of us have a deep love for photography and met while in photo journalism school. Travel photography for us is how we meet the world, interact with cultures and experience the environments around us. Ask any real photographer what their favorite picture is and they’ll tell you “the next one I take” – and with all the travel we do, the unknowns we come across and quick change of plans, we’d have to agree. Who knows the next picture we take, but we know we’ll be traveling when we do which will make it our favorite of all.

Not the answer you were looking for? Take a stroll through our galleries from around the world and tell us your favorite, they are all special to us – every single one.

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