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Our Facebook Competition

AND the three lucky winners of a 500€ voucher to GowithOh are:

Most votes: Ire Zambra! 
With 69 votes (way to go!) Ire wants to go to Barcelona to stay near the Sagrada Familia!

Ire Zambra wants to go to Barcelona

Our winner, selected by is: Julie Solvit
Fulfilling a long-held dream, Julie wants to go to London for the first time

Julie Solvit wants to GowithOh to London

Our favourite story: Rose Lyng! 
Her son is hoping to visit Barcelona and the Camp Nou Stadium and we can’t wait to make it happen.

Rose Lyng wants to visit Barcelona and the Camp Nou Stadium

Our Blogger Competition

AND the three lucky winners of a 1000€ voucher to guest test a GowithOh apartment are:

“We could be GowithOh’s very first Guest Tester Family. Insanity will ensue!”


“GowithOh offers amazing properties that fit all budgets and group sizes. I went on the hunt for my family’s perfect Parisian apartment and found it within seconds of entering my criteria. Here’s why this Montmartre apartment is perfect for us!”


“I deserve a way to send this past year off, and fully celebrate all the good that lies ahead for me; Barcelona is where I want to do it. In order to make this happen, I need a little help from GowithOh. I want to be one of their guest testers!”

To everyone who took part in our blogger competition, please remember that we’re always very excited to hear your ideas on ways we can work together – just drop us a line and let’s see if we can make it happen:

Don’t miss the fun – let’s keep in touch!

Curious about how we chose the winners?

Well, the judging process was not an easy one. We received so many witty, creative and touching articles, and had so much fun reading, reviewing, and reliving them!

We formed a panel of six judges, and each one of us marked the entries from an individual angle – assessing the quality of the writing, the overall design, how holistic an approach had been taken, and of course, the creativity. We allocated our marks blind, in separate spreadsheets, before bringing them together and totaling up the result.

Bloggers’ banter

Some of our favourite quotes and comments

” I already have my beady eye on what looks like a sublime apartment on the Go With Oh portfolio. In my dazzling daydream, this apartment is the setting for next my Roman Holiday, stunning enough to be a film set. I can just imagine lounging around this apartment, like a modern day Audrey Hepburn feeling ever so vogue (even if it would be impossible to actually look as chic her!).”
- -

“Here is where GoWithOh comes in. They have a luxury apartment in Berlin that I have to say I think I would look pretty fabulous staying in. Here are the 5 reasons this apartment makes me go weak at the knees…”
- -

“Of course since GowithOh has hundreds of places to stay in Paris, choosing where to stay has proven more difficult than I imagined. But in the end, my need for internet, a workable kitchen set up, and my enduring love for food markets made me choose the rather generically titled “Beautiful Apartment With An Excellent Location.”
- -

“In addition to its location, another reason for going with this two bedroom flat was that after a long day of exploring London, we would probably like some alone time. And being able to unwind and get good night’s sleep after a fun and long day out will help keep our time together balanced.”
- -

“The kids are ready for their French adventure. But having lived abroad plus being attached to our sanity, we knew that when we went as a family to France we would need to stay in an apartment. This is where our desire to travel abroad as a family and Go with Oh paths converged.”
- -

At GowithOh, we are an enthusiastic team of self-confessed Europhiles who are passionate about travel. We especially love the variety of city breaks possible in Europe, from the historic UNESCO heritage cities like Prague, to the more cosmopolitan beachside destinations like Barcelona. We love discovering the hidden gems in different cities and sharing them with our fans so everyone can benefit and enjoy the perfect city break in Europe.