The beautiful canals and the typical façades, the narrow streets, the bridges, the old boats and the flowers, the dark, almost scary old churches, and the sketchy but exciting red light district… That is the Amsterdam we all know, the Amsterdam packed with people, with a mass of locals that is half Dutch and half expat, the Amsterdam full of bikes that is as lively in the morning as it is at night. But there is something else, there is something called Amsterdam Noord, located behind Central Station, an alternative part of town that went from industrial abandoned centre to the hippest area, to a hive of art, design and culture. Buckle up, because we’re going to take you on a short tour to Amsterdam Noord, the cultural area to discover in the capital of the Netherlands.

What to see in Amsterdam Noord

Are you ready to find out what you can visit in the modern Amsterdam Noord? Jump into a ferry at Central Station and go to the other side of the river Ij. You’re about to discover something that you were not expecting, something that apparently has little to do with the old Amsterdam you’re familiar with, but that at the same time has picked up the youngest spirit of current Amsterdam, that alternative and artsy spirt that finds its perfect home in the post-industrial Amsterdam Noord. This is where you can breathe that atmosphere:

  • NDSM: This picturesque shipyard looks abandoned but it’s full of creativity. Inside the hangar your will find the Kunststad, where more than 200 artists have their studios. There you can also find the best flea market in town once a month and the incredibly nice Noorderlicht cafe – beware, because if the weather’s good you may want to stay in the terrace forever. The live music and DJs that play there in the summer won’t make it any easier.
  • The EYE Film Museum: This sculptural museum offers film screenings (both new and old) and cinema exhibits.
  • Pllek restaurant: A super hip restaurant made of shipping containers, with DJs, a beach area and a view of the river. If you were not sure what ‘hip’ meant, you will understand it for good at Pllek.
  • Nieuwendammerdijk: Get your bike and find this old street full of traditional Dutch houses. You will feel like part of a fairy tale!


Are you now ready to visit Amsterdam Noord? We recommend to make a tour of the old Amsterdam first, as you may fall so much in love with the industrial north that you may want to stay there!

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