Last November I visited London for the first time in my life. Since then I have been back for three more visits and I’m still not tired of it.

Since would be too overwhelming to try and take in all of London’s major sights in one visit, I am discovering the city a little bit at a time. On each visit I find another park to walk through, a different museum to discover or a new neighborhood to ride around on a blue Barclays bike rental.

This summer I got to take my kids to London, and seeing the city through their eyes was as much fun as visiting it on my own.

Here’s a collection of Instagram photos from a year of visiting London!

My favourite London bridge has to be the Tower Bridge!

The grand St Paul’s Cathedral was one of my first stops

Walking along the Thames River

Funky East London

Biking in St James’ Park in the fall

I could spend about a week at the British Museum

Riding the London Eye was on my kids’ London list

Everyone loved spotting famous London architecture while walking the city.

Taking a City Cruise on the River Thames is one of the best ways to see London when your legs need a rest

If you arrive in London at 1am, you don’t have to wait in line for Platform 9 3/4!

My sons could not wait to go to 221b Baker Street

And we’re all counting the days until we get to go back to London!

Alison Chino is a born and bred Arkansan who lives in Scotland, where she is learning to walking everywhere and to live with tiny appliances. She loves hiking the Scottish Highlands with her husband and kids on the weekends. Read about her adventures on her food and travel blog Chino House or follow her on Instagram.