Danny of ishouldlogoff.com began his life on the beaches of South Florida before heading north for college.  A former rugby player and three time marathoner, Danny enjoys trail running and off road races.  A staple on the Washington, DC mid-day mall Ultimate frisbee pick up game, Danny is always looking for something to do outside.

He competes in adventure races and off road triathlons with his wife Jillian. After graduating from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, Danny worked as a business consultant for a Fortune 100 company before managing to save up enough money to travel the world with Jillian.  The two departed on their journey at the start of 2009 and didn’t return for 21 months.  Now Danny works in finance and aims to help others achieve the dream of long term travel.

He’s answering our questions and sharing with us his experiences and thoughts:

1. How long have you been travelling?

We traveled for 21 months from 2009-2010 and since then have made it a point to take as many short trips as our current lifestyle will allow.  Thankfully, we have lots of frequent flier miles and these days manage to get away about once each month.

2. Which one of you trips was the craziest one?

One really long trip makes for lots of crazy experiences.  If you want crazy though, the best place to be is an international border crossing.  We were held by a man in a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and his machine gun toting friends as we entered Ethiopia.  When a Kazakh border guard tried to have us pay a bribe we played dumb and made pretend we only spoke [our second language] Spanish.  Entering China was the worst though, they took our passports and computer behind closed doors and just left us, wondering, in no-man’s land.

3. Sometimes you volunteer while you travel, right? Which was your most amazing experience while volunteering?

We found it difficult to find authentic volunteering experiences.  What we did find, were real people who needed real help.  On a dark road in Kenya one night we found a truck stuck in some mud and dirt and lots of villagers out trying to help get it through.  I nearly lost my shoe in that mud but I pitched in and did what I could to get the truck on its way and clear the road.

4. What’s your recommendation for someone who just left everything behind and started travelling?

You’re doing something great for yourself.  Remember that when people you meet don’t seem so interested in your travel.  Drop your pretenses and remember that your travel is about your own enrichment.

5. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

Spain.  Before the inquisition when it was a melting pot of Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions and scholarship.

6. If you could pick only one song to listen while you travel, which one would it be?

Whatever song the stranger next to me is listening to.

7. What’s the most incredible thing you have ever experienced in one of your trips?

Coming home.  Don’t underestimate the feelings you’ll go through on that day.  The trip itself was filled with many incredible things but they are all different and inherently incomparable.  If I have to choose one it was the experience of coming home and just not knowing what to do with myself.

8. What’s your favorite destination? Why? And in Europe?

It might sound cliché, but Africa as a whole was pretty incredible.  As for Europe, does Istanbul count?

Daniel and Jillian in front of Kilimanjaro

9. What does make you feel more at home when you are travelling?

A warm bed and a good meal.

10. Are you collecting souvenirs from your destinations?

Of course.  When I see them I pick up masks.  Otherwise I make it a point to keep a set of pocket change from each country we’re in, as well as notes if they aren’t worth too much.

11. What is your favorite hobby while you’re not travelling?

I have infant twins….there is no time for a hobby.

12. What have you learned from travelling?

What real hospitality looks and feels like and how to provide it.

13. Where would you like to go to that you haven’t been yet?

Morocco.  Russia.  Alaska.

14. Where are you heading next?

The mountains of Pennsylvania…next week actually!

15. Anything else you’d like to mention?

It blows my mind that I made it all the way through this interview without mentioning how awesome it was to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!

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