In The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa never leaves his room: The only scenarios are his bedroom and his family’s living room. Still, Prague will forever be associated to the writer of this symbolic and unforgettable masterpiece, Franz Kafka. Prague has many attractions, a fabulous history and beautiful places, but Kafka is the main motivation of the kind of travelers moved by literature. In the following lines, we’ll tell you which are the most interesting places to visit in Kafka’s Prague.

Kafka’s Prague

Kafka’s imprint is all along the city, as he was born in the city, grew there and found inspiration for many of his works. One of his novels, The Castle, was in fact inspired by the impressive Prague Castle. Let’s take a short tour along Kafka’s Prague:

  • His houses: Kafka lived in several places in Prague and you can nowadays visit them, at least from the outside. In number 5, U Radnice street, near the beautiful Old Town Square, you will find the house where he was born. He also lived in number 22 of Golden Lane, a beautiful street that has become nowadays the core of Kafka’s Prague, as you can buy many Kafkaesque souvenirs there.
  • The Schools: If you want to see where he cultivated his genius, you can pay a visit to the Golz-Kinsky palace, where he went to school, or to the Charles University, where he met many other writers from Prague.
  • The cafés: As any writer, Kafka found inspiration in the many cafés of his hometown, and in many of the you will still be able to hear anecdotes about him. Try the Slavia, the Louvre and the House of the Golden Unicorn.
  • Kafka’s monument: A very curious sculpture by Czech artist Jaroslav Róna. A good homage – definitely kafkaesque!
  • The Franz Kafka museum: Perhaps Kafka never set foot on it, but you can learn lots about him and his relationship with the city in this interactive museum inaugurated in 2005.


Kafka´s sculpture in Prague

If you’re a fan of Franz Kafka’s work, visiting the capital of the Czech Republic will surely be a highlight for you. Here, we’ve described the most important spots of Kafka’s Prague, but the writer’s footprints can be found all over this dark and fascinating city. You just need to look!


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