Sometimes, when travelling, our luggage becomes as much a problem as an annoyance. Imagine your room isn’t available until 2 in the afternoon, or you have a full day left to explore the city before going to the airport in the evening. Yes, in some accommodations you may be able to leave it there, but then you’ll have to go back to get it, and that means more planning, more worrying… And less enjoying the very last day of your vacation!


Well, you don’t have to go through that anymore, because now you can use Keepiz, a smart luggage storage solution with more advantages than you can imagine. You can find it at several places in the city, such as shops or cafés, and just go find it later… Or you can have your suitcases delivered to a more convenient spot, so you don’t need to be going from place to place just to pick it up. You can even have it delivered to the airport and forget about it for the whole day!


In Barcelona, you can find your Keepiz spot at the most convenient places in the city, such as Sants Station, and near the main tourist spots, such as the Gothic Quarter or the surroundings of the beautiful Sagrada Familia. You can also find Keepiz in charming neighbourhoods such as Gracia or the Barceloneta.

Keepiz in Barcelona to store your luggage

Being free of your luggage is only a few clicks away. You just need to go on the website or download the app, find your nearest Keepiz store and schedule when you will be dropping it – but of course, it can also be last minute and you don’t need to plan ahead if you don’t want to. Flexibility is one of Keepiz’s many advantages, and precisely for that reason, you can arrange for someone else to pick your suitcase or bag for you if you decide to leave something behind for your next trip. And it’s the perfect way to leave a surprise for a friend!


You can now find Keepiz in many other Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca and many others. Download Keepiz and forget about your luggage!

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