Featuring: La Carmina in Berlin, Vienna & Prague!

LA CARMINA is a prominent alternative fashion & travel blogger. She has been a TV host for the Travel Channel, Discovery, Nat Geo, Food Network and CNN. She is also the author of 3 books and is a travel & subculture journalist for Business Insider, Huffington Post / AOL and CNN. She is quite well known!

Recently, La Carmina completed a European tour using Eurorail, along the way she enjoyed GowithOh apartments in Berlin, Prague and Vienna. On her journey she sought out to discover the alternative side &  subculture of each city!

Visiting Vienna & exploring the Gothic underground!

“If you’re traveling with a few friends, my number one tip is to stay in an apartment rental. It saves money and feels more like home, and is far more private and luxurious than a hostel. Our Vienna flat, for example, had a kitchen and four beds, and cost under US $200 a night (or $50 per person!)”. – La Carmina on why she loves to stay with GowithOh.

La Carmina in her apartment in Vienna

Take a look at her article featured in Business Insider and her latest video about Vienna’s edgy underground culture!

La Carmina’s apartment in Vienna

Vienna apartment's Living room
Vienna apartment's Kitchen

Check out her little palace in Vienna and read more about her adventure here!

Berlin: Experience the Spooky side!

She describes Berlin as the “Gothest place on earth” and had a blast exploring their underground culture. They even nicknamed their GowithOh apartment their “Go(th)withOh” apartment! La Carmina and her friends felt right at home. They explored horror bars and goth clubs for very different nightlife. The Japanese underground scene is well known here and has great shops as well.

Her purple room in Berlin

Berlin apartment's purple bed
Berlin apartment's room

Discover the cute apartment where she stayed and read more about her city-break here!

Pretty Prague & Absinthe Culture

Last but not least La Carmina went to Prague! She met up with the alternative wedding blogger Kat of Rock N Roll Bride and they went exploring to discover this new city.

Here they are exploring in their stylish la Carmina GowithOh t-shirts!

La Carmina and Rocknrollbride with the GowithOh t-shirts
La Carmina discovers the Gothic Castles in Prague

La Carmina and Rock N Roll Bride meet up with GowithOh’s Sara and try some absinthe!

Experiencing local specialties

Here La Carmina and the RockN Roll Bride explore Prague & shop around.

Which of her adventures do you like the most?

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