Leah Walker, winner of our guest blogger competition, stayed in our holiday apartments across five European cities and shared her journey with you all along the way. Joining her was the irrepressible Lola. With the help of your twitter tips and challenges, the girls made the most of each of the cities they visited and forged some amazing (and often comical) memories to last a lifetime.

Leah is a self-proclaimed “true Texas girl” and is currently blazing her trail towards becoming a full-time travel blogger. Strongly motivated by the passing of her mother in 2010, Leah now lives by the motto: “Life’s too short to live with a someday mentality”.

Leah’s blog is much more than recording her journeys for others to read about and never do. It’s about inspiring people to experience what’s out there for themselves and encouraging them to take control of the time they have.

After wowing us with her competition entry, she’s on the trip of a lifetime this autumn with fellow travel blogger Lola, hitting up Prague, Florence, Rome, Barcelona and finally Paris.

” Andy Dufresne said it best in The Shawshank Redemption with ‘Get busy living, or get busy dying’. His words perfectly convey my reason for traveling. I want to see things that I can’t imagine. I want to do things that scare me. I want to go places that I’ve only read about. I want to meet people that are nothing like me.”
- Leah Walker

Florence: Leah and Lola learn how to make a traditional Tuscan lunch

Leah's Adventure in Florence

It’s time for the girls to put their cooking skills to the test. On a family-run farm straddling the Tuscan and Umbrian border, they sampled local produce (including the wine, obviously) and learned how to make homemade pasta.
Leah’s best insider tip?
“The secret is to add prosecco instead of water to the dough”.
Hmm. We believe you, Leah.

On their last full day in Florence, Leah and Lola visited the gorgeous medieval city of Siena, home of the famous bareback horse race. Cue some incredible views over Tuscany. They also learned (the hard way!) how to validate their train tickets before travelling.

When in Rome… Eat pizza and go shopping

Leah's Adventure in Rome

It has to be said, Leah and Lola aren’t exactly renowned for their culinary capabilities (sorry, girls). So when they were offered the chance of a Rome Food Tour, there was no holding them back. After terrorising a traditional Roman market with a feather boa, the peripatetic pair set to work kneading and baking their own pizza. (Pink feathers were an optional topping.) Later on, there was just time to cram in some retail therapy on Rome’s boutique boulevards.

“Walking the streets of Rome is like watching a soap opera. The expressiveness in their gestures and inflection in their voices makes me want to pull up a chair and watch the show.” Leah

Barcelona and the GowithOh Thanksgiving Dinner

Leah's Adventure in Barcelona

Channelling the Gypsy Kings (or queens, in this case), Leah and Lola had a date with destiny. A lesson in the much-harder-than-it-looks traditional Spanish dance –the feisty flamenco.

For their last night in the Catalan capital, Leah and Lola played host to friends old and new for a special GowithOh Thanksgiving dinner. Pecan nuts proved a little elusive, but the guests chipped in with a dish from their own country, making it a multi-cultural spread. Sweet potato casserole, Caribbean rice and beans, Portuguese wine and Lola’s special rum cake were some of the treats devoured by all. The girls reckoned it was the perfect way to end their stint in Barcelona. Next stop Paris!

Paris: It’s ‘au revoir’ to Europe as the autumn tour comes to an end

Leah's Adventure in Paris

After a day of café-hopping, the girls checked out a Paris must-see by going to the glamourous Moulin Rouge. This historical birthplace of the can-can dance can be found in the district of Montmartre and the girls took advantage of this by soaking up the bohemian atmosphere by night. Former haunt of Picasso, Van Gough and Matisse it’s no wonder Leah and Lola decided to drop their maps and wander around its cobbled streets. How high can you kick ladies?

“It’s off with my head come tomorrow as I have to go home to the USA. I loved every single moment of my Europe tour with Go with Oh. I’m as lucky as any queen.” Lola

1 month, 5 cities, 5 unforgettable apartments

GowithOh Apartment in Prague

For their first leg of the journey, Leah and Lola staid this spacious one-bedroom apartment, located close to the Old Town. The apartment has a palatial-sized bathroom and kitchen and has an open-plan, light and airy feel.

GowithOh Apartment in Florence

This fantastic two-bedroom apartment could not have a better location – right in the middle of the picturesque historic centre, it allowed Leah to meander around Florence from dawn until dusk.

GowithOh Apartment in Rome

In Rome, they staid in this stunning one-bedroom loft apartment. Its innovative design has even landed it appearances in a number of architecture magazines, making it really one of a kind.

GowithOh Apartment in Barcelona

In Barcelona, the views from the apartment’s terrace were simply stunning! As well as having the Sagrada Familia on her doorstep, Leah was a stone’s throw away from other famous sights such as Las Ramblas and the Gaudí-designed Parc Güell.

GowithOh Apartment in Paris

We want Leah to end on a high, and so to finish off her autumn tour she’ll be staying in this snazzy studio apartment. From here she’ll be able to discover the real Paris, from its cafés and bistros to its cathedrals and monuments.

At GowithOh, we are an enthusiastic team of self-confessed Europhiles who are passionate about travel. We especially love the variety of city breaks possible in Europe, from the historic UNESCO heritage cities like Prague, to the more cosmopolitan beachside destinations like Barcelona. We love discovering the hidden gems in different cities and sharing them with our fans so everyone can benefit and enjoy the perfect city break in Europe.
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