Is learning German one of your goals this year? You’re in luck, because there is a language school waiting for you in the wonderful city of Berlin! Speakeasy offers many different courses so you can learn German and have fun all at the same time, as, in our language school, our teachers focus on the student’s interests and experience so they can have fun while they learn!


Besides, the best way to learn any language is to go on a language school on the spot. Why? Well, there are many reasons why. First, you will definitely have to use it – yes, in a big city like Berlin you will be able to find plenty of people who speak English, but you just need a little dedication to start using everything you learn at the language school in your everyday life. Second, you’re in the perfect environment to surround yourself with everything German and learn even more! You can go to the cinema to see German movies, you can learn the explanations in German in the museums, flick through the places of German magazines and newspapers in a café… And of course, make German friends at the biergartens! And let’s not forget about one of the most beautiful perks or going to a language school abroad: You will be surrounded by other students who are new to the city, just like yourself, and enjoy the experience together.


And last but not least, you would be able to learn to speak German in one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t find in Berlin! There are so many wonderful historical and art museums, such as the Pergamon Museum or the Bode Museum, that you won’t even be able to visit them all; there is street art, historical buildings and memorials all around the city, beautiful green parks, and an amazing clubbing scene. And the best part is that you can practise your German in all those fantastic places.


Are you ready to learn German in Berlin? We’re waiting for you in Speakeasy, your language school!


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