What can you do in a city like Madrid with children? Barcelona has the beach, London has Harry Potter… And Madrid has lots of things, including beautiful hikes in the Guadarrama mountains, a royal historical past, great museums and amusement parks. Who said children wouldn’t enjoy a city like Madrid? The following article is going to reduce that argument to ashes, because the truth is Madrid can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. In the following lines, we’ll give you a few recommendations to visit Madrid with children, so get your notepad ready!

Madrid with children: Cultural activities

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We all know that, when travelling with children, sometimes we need to give in and do something that is fun for them. Kids get tired sooner than we adults do, so we can’t think of doing the same in a trip by ourselves that in one with the whole family. However, there are many things that you can do in Madrid that can be adapted to a family trip. You can enjoy Madrid with children too, and travelling with them can be a great excuse to make sure they learn something while having fun. Take good note of these cultural activities you can do in Madrid with children:

  1. Visit El Prado Museum… El Prado Museum must be in the first positions of your to-do list for the capital of Spain. It is the most important museum in the whole country, and one of the most important in the world… So you must be wondering how to enjoy it without your kids being bored to death, especially if they’re too young to enjoy or understand art as you do. But it’s never too soon to introduce them into the artistic world, and El Prado Museum can even be of help. In their website you can access a child itinerary of the museum so your kids can enjoy it as much as you.
  2. … Or the Natural Science Museum: Madrid is famous for its golden triangle of art museums, formed by El Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Reina Sofía Contemporary Art Museum, but there are other very attractive options for children, such as the Natural Science Museum, where they will be able to see fossils and skeletons of extinct animals, to learn about our natural history and about the Mediterranean Sea. The museum has lots of interactive activities and games, such as a laboratory.
  3. Railway Museum: In Madrid, next to the train station Delicias, you will find the Railway Museum, where the whole family will be able to learn a ton of things about this historical and life-changing means of transportation. The Railway Museum of Madrid hosts one of the largest European railroad collections.
  4. Royal Palace of Aranjuez: We already have enough museums, so what about helping your children learn a little bit of Spanish history? The Royal Palace of Aranjuez is the best place to do so, as the palace and the surroundings are so impressive that your children will want to learn lots about it, including, of course, the lives of the kings and queens!

Madrid with children: Entertainment

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Now that you made sure that your kids learnt something in Madrid, what about a good dose of fun? The following activities will turn your trip to Madrid with children into an unforgettable experience for the whole family:

  1. Parque Warner Madrid: It’s not right in the city centre, but this awesome amusement park will be the highlight of your trip to Madrid with children. Thanks to roller coasters, water rides and tons of other attractions, in the Parque Warner Madrid you will find a good old-school day of family fun.
  2. Go see a musical: Madrid has its own Broadway in Gran Vía, where you will find lots of theatres that offer plays and musicals, many of which are a great option for children, such as the Lion King. Besides, the city is home of many theatres that offer puppet shows or children plays, such as Cuarta Pared or Teatro del Arte. Many of the plays are in Spanish, but if you go see a musical or a story that you already know, your children will be able to enjoy it nonetheless.
  3. Rent a bike: Madrid is a beautiful monumental city where there are many beautiful buildings and monuments to see, lively and beautiful plazas such as the majestic Plaza Mayor. Sightseeing can be exhausting for kids, but it will be less so if you do it by bike.

Or a boat in the Retiro Park! Here’s another way of turning an adult must-do activity into something fun and unforgettable for your children. You can walk around the Retiro Park, even have a picnic there, and put the cherry on top by going on a boat ride in the lake. If you go to the park during the weekends, you may also catch a puppet show!

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Are you now ready to visit Madrid with children? Which of these activities are you planning on doing? If you have any other tips and recommendations for the capital of Spain, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments!

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