There is an image of Paris as a bohemian city of artists, an image that was set in front of our eyes thanks to films such as Amélie or Moulin Rouge, an image that you can still find in real life in one of the most iconic neighbourhoods of the capital of France: Montmartre. Known as the neighbourhood of artists and painters, home of the iconic Moulin Rouge, Montmartre has seen much and has kept its spirit. And now you can discover it!

Montmartre, the most charming and magical neighbourhood of Paris

What to visit in Montmartre

If you’re travelling to Paris soon, you will sure stop by Montmartre, at least to visit the iconic Moulin Rouge and the Sacré Coeur, the beautiful and particular basilica located at the hill of Montmartre, which offers a wonderful view of the city. We recommend not to visit just that: The Sacré Coeur is an impressive sight for sure, but Montmartre has much, much more to offer, especially if you’re a romantic, an art-lover, passionate about that old bohemian Paris that you dreamt with. In the following magical places of Montmartre, you have the opportunity of make your dream come true ¾at least for a little while.

  • Have coffee at the Café des Deux Moulins: This is the place where Amélie used to work! It’s still running and still looks exactly the same as in the film. It may be full of tourists, but it is a mandatory stop nonetheless. It’s located at 15, rue Lepic.
  • Shop for groceries at Rue de l’Olive: This street of Montmartre is the best place to buy French cheeses and charcuterie, and it is a very local, charming and picturesque little place.
  • Travel back in time at the Passage Jouffroy: You will be able to see different little shops that sell vintage gems such as old canes, records, silver items or doll houses.
  • Place du Tertre: The lively centre of Montmartre may be touristy, but it is still and iconic, charming place. A must-visit!


Are you ready to visit Montmartre? Do you have any other recommendation for the most charming neighbourhood of Paris? Don’t forget to share it in the comments section!

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