Many people go to Amsterdam to see its Red-Light District and to enjoy its particular atmosphere – that is, to indulge a little bit in the famous coffee shops. Many others go for its undeniable charm, to rent a bike and enjoy the experience of visiting a city that is different from all the rest. They cycle around the city centre, relax in Vondelpark and buy some tulips at the flower market at Singel. All those are wonderful ways of enjoying the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, but there is a little something that is usually overlooked despite its incredible richness: the museums in Amsterdam!

The best museums in Amsterdam

Here at GowithOh we’ve already published some guides about the best museums in many cities, but doing a selection of the best museums in Amsterdam has been one of the most difficult tasks up to date. We’ve managed to leave it at eight wonderful museums, but we had to leave some great ones behind, such as the EYE Film Institute or the Amsterdam Museum.

Nonetheless, if you like visiting museums when discovering a new city, you have quite some work to do. Take good note of the best museums in Amsterdam and start organising your trip!

The best museums in Amsterdam: The Rijksmuseum

We couldn’t start our list with any other museum other than the famous, magnificent Rijksmuseum, which opened in 1885 and was designed by Cuypers. Here you’ll find The Netherland’s largest collection of art, including some famous paintings by Rembrandt or Vermeer, two of the most famous and valued Dutch painters of all time. There is, of course, space for furniture, porcelain, jewels and an amazing collection of doll houses – and incredibly rich collection where you can spend hours and hours. Our top favourite? Don’t miss Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters by Hendrick Avercamp, as it perfectly captures the atmosphere of winter in Holland in the past. It’s located in Museumstraat 1, next to Museumplein.

The best museums in Amsterdam

The best museums in Amsterdam: The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum is the most visited museum in Amsterdam and in the whole country – understandably so. Besides being the perfect place to learn about the legendary artist’s life and work, it includes many works that help understand Van Gogh’s style and career. As you can imagine, the queues can get quite long, so we recommend going early in the morning. It’s located in Paulus Potterstraat 7, next to Museumplein.

The best museums in Amsterdam

The best museums in Amsterdam: The Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is a famous and respected institution in contemporary art, and hosts a great collection of design, video art and applied arts. You’ll be able to see works by artists as renowned as Malevich, Kandinsky and, of course, Mondrian. It’s located in Museumplein 10.


The best museums in Amsterdam: Anne Frank House

This might be the most popular museum in the city, with permission, of course, of the famous Van Gogh Museum. You’ll be able to see the real attic rooms where Anne Frank’s family hid during WWII, as well as other restored rooms. If you’ve read the famous diary of Anne, this should be a mandatory visit for you. We recommend booking your visit in advance to avoid the long queues. It’s located in Prinsengracht 263-267.


The best museums in Amsterdam: Hermitage Amsterdam

As you probably know, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersbourg is one of the most important museums in the world. In this old almhouse that dates from the late 17th century you’ll be able to see masterpieces on loan from it. It’s located in Amstel 51.


The best museums in Amsterdam: FOAM Gallery

Amsterdam’s own photography museum is well worth a visit, and not just for the extra appeal added by being located in a renovated canal house. Their temporary exhibits are some of the best you can find all around nowadays, from local to universal topics. If you’re keen on photography take a look at their agenda, as they organise different conferences ant events for photography aficionados. It’s located at Keizersgracht 609.


The best museums in Amsterdam: The Jewish Historical Museum

Judaism has a long story in the capital of the Netherlands and in the entire country, and you can learn about it in this museum. You’ll also learn about the particularities of Dutch Jewish Culture through the many interesting exhibits hosted there. It’s located in Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1.


The best museums in Amsterdam: Rembrandt House Museum

We end our list with the Rembrandt House Museum, which is a careful and detailed reconstruction of the artist’s house and study – a reconstruction because the artists had to move to a smaller house in the Rozengracht due to the expenses of his extravagant lifestyle. However, the reconstruction is so exact that it’s worth visiting it anyway.


What do you think about this list of the best museums in Amsterdam? Is your favourite missing from this list? Tell us why it should be among the best in the comments!

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