Prague is one of the most attractive destinations in Europe for many reasons, like the majestic Prague Castle, the historical Charles Bridge and its dark but charming streets, among many other attractions. However, in the last few years, Prague has stood up for another reason too: its incredibly fun nightlife! If you’re planning a trip to Prague, you should make some room for an unforgettable night out in Prague – You won’t regret it!


Your night out in Prague can be whatever you want it to be. You can discover the attractive clubbing scene, which is gaining more and more adepts around the Old Continent, or you can rediscover some of the most touristic and crowded spots during the day under a new light. If you don’t like dancing, you can jump from pub to pub and your night will be equally unforgettable. This is why we have prepared a short and helpful list of tips and recommendations to have a great night out in Prague, whatever your tastes are. Take good note of the following options!

Kafka´s Prague

Your options for a night out in Prague

  1. A growing clubbing scene: If you’re a party animal, Prague will soon become one of your top destinations. You can find all sorts of music, from the best house and techno of Mecca Club to the alternative Palac Akrosty, including the biggest club in Europe, the Karlovy Lázně, where you will find all kinds of music.
  2. Historical spots under a whole new atmosphere. Prague is becoming quite popular, internationally speaking, and there is a strong presence of tourists in the city. However, when the sun goes to sleep you have a great opportunity to revisit some of its top attractions. Prague’s particular charm can be highlighted under the moonlight. Get ready for some dark and beautiful sights of famous places such as Charles Bridge or the Old Town Square.
  3. Follow the locals… and the students: Following the locals is surely one of the best ways to enjoy nightlife in any city, but even more so in Prague. If you want to have the best night out in Prague, they’ll know where to bring you.
  4. A huge bar culture: If clubbing is not for you, don’t worry. Prague offers tons of bars and pubs, such as U Sudu or Chapeau Rouge. Keep your eyes peeled for the hidden places!



Are you ready for your big night out in Prague? Don’t forget to tell us about your experiences in the comment section!

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