If you want to feel like you’ve travelled back in time, the Old Jewish Cemetery (Prague) of the capital of the Czech Republic will certainly do that for you. It’s the oldest Jewish Cemetery in Europe, but not many people know that it wasn’t the first one to be located in Prague. The so-called Jewish Garden was closed in the 15th century by king Wladislav II Jagello and later disappeared beneath the streets of Prague’s New Town. At that time, this impressive cemetery already existed, although we don’t know the exact date of its creation. Its oldest tombstone dates from 1439, and what we do know for sure is that, for more than 300 years, it was the only place where the Jewish could be buried.


Nowadays, you can see more than 12.000 tombstones, although the amount of people that have been buried there is much, much larger – the estimate amount is over 100.000 people. It’s one of the most important historical places located in Prague, and a stunning and impressive sight for sure. The tombstones have a particular style, inspired in the Gothic Jewish cemeteries of Austria and France, and also in the Jewish tombs located in the catacombs of Rome. As beautiful as some cemeteries of the main European cities are, you have probably never seen anything like it. A whole different sight from Paris’ Père Lachaise, for instance, since the Old Jewish Cemetery tells a very different story.

Jewish cemetery Prague - Gowithoh

The Old Jewish Cemetery: Prague’s Jewish Quarter

The Old Jewish Cemetery (Prague) is located in Josefov, Prague’s Jewish neighbourhood, where, besides the amazing cemetery you can visit six synagogues, the Jewish Town Hall and the Jewish Ceremonial Hall. Josefov breathes history, and those who love the dark charm of Prague will certainly appreciate what it has to offer. Any Jewish Quarter holds tales of hard times and Prague’s is no different. And, of course, the Old Jewish Cemetery is one of its most important monuments, and a visit there is mandatory, always from a position of respect. Keep in mind that the cemetery is closed on Saturdays, and during Jewish holidays also.

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