Barcelona is famous for Gaudí, its lively atmosphere… and many other things, like the great food! If you’re travelling to this beautiful city, you will be looking forward to try some of the specialties found there, such as tapas or calçots. We’d like to be of help by giving you some advice on where to find a great paella in Barcelona.

First, there is something you should know about this tasty dish. The traditional paella is actually from Valencia, and it’s made with chicken and rabbit. In Barcelona, it’s typical to have variations of this traditional dish, like seafood paella or mixed paella, which includes chicken but also yummy fish and seafood. Which one is the best? Well, they all have their charm, so we recommend that you try them all!


But let’s now take a look to the best places to eat paella in Barcelona!

Where to have the greatest paella in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a good paella in Barcelona, the first thing to do is to stay away from the tourist restaurants in streets such as Las Ramblas, and from those individual paellas announced in big posters, with pictures of the different types offered. Those are sometimes not homemade – and we’re looking for the real thing here!

This is where you can eat some of the best paella in Barcelona:

  • Can Ros: The best seafood paella in Barcelona can be found in this restaurant located in Barceloneta. One of the favourites of the locals!
  • Arrosseria Xàtiva: This restaurant specialises in rice, so there you will be able to find great paellas and other rice dishes. It’s located in the neighbourhood of Les Corts.
  • Cheriff: In this restaurant, also located in Barceloneta, you will be able to find some delicious paellas.
  • Elche: This restaurant, located in the neighbourhood of Poble Sec, has the seal of approval of many people from Valencia.


So, are you ready to enjoy a delicious paella in Barcelona? Don’t forget to tell us how yummy it was in the comments!

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