Paris, undoubtedly one of the world capitals of fashion, is a real institution for all shopaholics. The French woman has always been a symbol of haute couture, so travelling to Paris is more than just a dream for lovers of fashion, it’s an essential pilgrimage.

Packing for a fashion trip to Paris is never easy and will require plenty of time and preparation if you want to look the part in the city of luxury, elegance and sophistication! In order to maximize your time and discover Paris like a true Parisian, you’ll need to know the must-see shops of the French capital from the trendy and alternative spots to the true hidden gems.

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There’s no need to worry about planning your trip because GowithOh are on hand to help you create a “made to measure” fashion trip. So if you are wondering what to pack, how to dress, where the best shops are and when the biggest fashion events in Paris take place, then this little guide full of handy information will be your essential companion for an unforgettable fashion trip to Paris!
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