Barcelona gets more fame, but Madrid has its own wonders, and definitely doesn’t stay behind in terms of tourist attractions. Barcelona has its charming and ochre old town, the beach and Gaudí’s masterpieces, but Madrid has the beautiful Parque del Retiro… and the most important museum in Spain, and one of the most important in Europe and the world. We’re of course referring to El Prado Museum, Madrid’s most incredible gem.


The Museo Nacional del Prado, known in English as El Prado Museum, has a collection of around 35.000 items, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings, photography, maps and decorative objects. Its impressive collection explains why it receives more than 3 million visitors a year, which turns it into one of the most visited museums in the world.


Before visiting it, you should know that El Prado Museum is different than other important museums in the world, such as the Louvre Museum in Paris or London’s National Gallery, which have works from many different periods and schools. Its collection is the result of the private collections, requests and tastes of different Spanish kings, which is why there are some important absences but also why it has the most extensive collection in some styles, like Spanish art or European art from the 12th to the 20th century.

El Prado Museum, one of the best in the world

What can you see in El Prado Museum?

Thousands of words wouldn’t be enough to describe all the wonders you can visit in El Prado Museum; still, we’re going to try to tell you which are the most famous artists you can find in this place:

  • Spain’s best: El Prado Museum’s most important asset is the amount of works by some of the most important Spanish painters of all times, such as Diego de Velázquez, el Greco and Goya.
  • Some of the best international artists: You will also be able to see works by Rubens (The Three Graces, for instance), Raphael and Titian.
  • The Garden of Earthly Delighs: Hieronymus Bosch’s masterpiece, one of the most popular paintings of all times is in El Prado Museum.


Are you ready to visit El Prado Museum? There’s enough art there to visit it for days, but if art is one of your main motivations for travelling, don’t forget to visit Madrid’s Reina Sofia museum of contemporary art to round up your visit. You will surely want to visit Madrid again!



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