The Roman Forum, the Forum Rome, the Forum Romanum or the Palatine Hill – Many are the names of this impressive monument located right in front of Rome’s famous Colosseum. But, even if the breath-taking Colosseum gets all the fame (deserved fame, truth to be told), the Roman Forum was the heart of the old Roman Empire.


All Roman cities had a Forum, as it was the name given to public squares in the Roman civilisation. As you can imagine, none was more important than the one located in the capital of the Empire, Rome. This monument was the heart of life of the city in Imperial Rome, and the many remains of important public buildings and monuments are a testimony of that. In the Forum Romanum you will be able to visit the remains of monuments such as the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Regia, the Statue of Domitian or the Arch of Septimius Severus, among others. You can get a Roman Forum map to be sure of what you’re admiring.


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The Roman Forum in Rome

Roman Forum tickets and other useful information

If you’re planning on visiting the Roman Forum during your visit to Rome you will find the following tips and recommendations quite useful. Take good note of them!

  • You can buy a combined ticket for the Roman Forum and the Colosseum for just 12 euros! But the Forum Romanum tickets are even cheaper for EU citizens under 24 (7,5 euros), and are free for minors and those who have the Roma Pass Omnia. Tickets have a validity of 48 hours.
  • The Roman Forum opens every day at 8.30 in the morning and closes an hour before sunset. It remains closed on the first day of the year and Christmas day.
  • Closest metro station is Colosseum, but it’s right in the city centre and close to other Roman ruins in Rome and points of interests – Rome is better seen on foot!
  • Don’t forget to bring water with you, especially if you travel to the capital of Italy in the summer. You’re going to get thirsty during your visit!


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Now you must be really looking forward to visiting the impressive Roman Forum! Don’t forget to tell us about your trip in the comment section.

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