Paris is undoubtedly the city of love (or one of them, at least!), so it is the perfect destination to go to with your special person. However, once you get there, especially in the summer, everything is so crowded that sometimes it can be hard to find a nice spot where to enjoy each other’s company! Other tourists get in the way all the time, you don’t find the place you were looking for, that restaurant you wanted to try is busy every night and, overall, nothing seems to work!

Well, all that is over. Paris is indeed a romantic city, it’s not a myth – you just have to look for the romance somewhere else! This is why we have prepared a few proposals for you to try during your summer nights in Paris in the company of your partner.

You very own picnic by the river Seine…


The river Seine, you said? And is that going to be private and romantic? Well, in this proposal for your summer nights in Paris, you may not be totally alone, but don’t worry, because this evening outing has nothing to do with the crowded tour boats that sail the river or with struggling to put your love-lock on the Pont des Arts. Get a nice picnic basket and a good bottle of wine, and walk along the river Seine until you find a private spot where you can climb down and sit to enjoy your meal by the riverbank. Do you want to make it even more romantic? Buy some plastic wine glasses in a bazaar and watch the sunset as you enjoy your romantic picnic food. Who said you needed fancy restaurants for your romantic summer nights in Paris?



…Or a romantic dinner in a restaurant just for you

But maybe you’re not a picnic kind of person, and your ideas about romantic summer nights in Paris are indeed related to a romantic dinner in a restaurant. Well, that’s possible as well! There is actually a restaurant in Paris that offers private salons for couples and groups, and you can book one to have the most romantic dinner you’ve ever had. Its called Lapérouse and it’s located right next to Île de la Cité. The decoration of the place will make you feel like a VIP who just travelled back to the past!


Summer nights in Paris… And summer dawns

Paris is busy and crowded with tourists, especially in the summer… Both during the day and during the night! So how are you going to get away from the crowds of people so you can have some alone time with your partner? You can go out together, and burn the summer nights in Paris together – go to dinner, go to a bar or a club, walk and run around the different neighbours during the night, watch the sun go down and go up again – we can assure you that it won’t be so crowded at that moment! During the summer nights in Paris, you two together can do all the things you never did. And that will be a night you will never forget!

Of course, make sure to have your crazy and different night in a safe neighbourhood!



A romantic movie for your summer nights in Paris

Do you know where is the most romantic cinema theatre in the world? That’s right, you guessed it – It’s in Paris! It’s called the Ciné 13 Théatre, and we say it’s the most romantic one in the world because it has double seats, so you can be very close to your loving partner as you enjoy the show. Isn’t that an original way of spending any of your summer nights in Paris?

The Ciné 13 Théatre is located in the neighbourhood of Montmartre (to make it even more romantic!), and it doesn’t work as a regular cinema anymore, but they schedule different shows, movies and performances. Make sure to check the agenda to see if you can go on this great idea for your summer nights in Paris.


Erotic fantasies for your summer nights in Paris

Have you ever heard about love hotels? They are hotels where people can stay just for a few hours that exist for sex purposes – we know, it can sound a bit creepy, but the fact is that there are a few nice and elegant ones, so you can spice up your summer nights in Paris with a sexcapade in which to make all your fantasies come true.

What did you think about our ideal plans to make the best out of your summer nights in Paris? As you can see, sometimes you don’t need much to make an evening unforgettable. Are you going to try any of these summer night plans? Do you have other proposals to share with us? Explain your experiences and suggestions in the comments; we’d love to hear about them!

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