Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, there’s no doubt about that. However, visiting Rome with children can be a bit tiring, as the city is very large and quite chaotic. However, there are tons of things to do in Rome that your kids will enjoy as much as you, so it’s as good a destination as any to travel to with the whole family!


Besides, it can be very beneficial for your children to learn about something as important as Ancient Rome. Yes, when visiting Rome with children maybe you won’t be able to spend that much time in museums, or walk to the Catacombs and explore everything as you would have done on your own, but it can be incredibly enriching and satisfying to see how the little ones in the family learn and enjoy another culture.


Here you have GowithOh’s recommendations on what to do in Rome with children!

Rome with children

Rome with children: Cultural activities

Here are the top cultural activities to do in Rome with children. Don’t miss any of them!

  1. The Colosseum and Roman Forum: That’s a must for you, whether your children like it or not. However, why wouldn’t they like it? Whatever age your children are, it’s never too soon to learn about the wonders of the world, more so if we’re talking about the cradle of civilization. With kid-friendly explanations, there’s no reason why the whole family can’t enjoy a visit to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (bring water with you though). Besides, there are companies who offer special tours for children so the explanations from the guide are understandable and entertaining for them. Maybe the tour won’t enlighten you about the history of Rome if you’re an expert in the matter, but, if you’re not, you will probably learn anyway. Besides, your child could develop an increasing interest for history, and that can never be a bad thing!
  2. Vatican City: Another must-see perfectly doable with the little ones. They can take a picture with the Swiss Guard and will be as stunned as you when seeing the enormous Saint Peter’s Basilica and its opulence.
  3. Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibit: This permanent exhibit is dedicated to the work and the machines of Leonardo Da Vinci, and it’s a perfect way for your children to learn lots about it while having fun.


Rome with children, Vatican City

Rome with children: Entertainment

Because not everything is about learning, here you have the top entertaining things to do in Rome with children:

  1. Piazza entertainment: Entertainment and sightseeing! The lively atmosphere of Rome can be experienced in its many piazzas, such as Piazza Navona or Piazza di Spagna (with its beautiful Spanish Steps). You can admire the beauty and enjoy an expresso while your children can play around in the plazas and even play in the fountains there.
  2. Gelato tour: Here’s an activity to do in Rome with children that will keep you full and satisfied as well. Why not make it a game of gelato? Make a list with your children of selected gelato places and go to one of them every day (or two, why not? Aren’t we on holidays?). You can even set a time so your children will know what’s coming and have something to be looking forward to during the rest of the day.
  3. Villa Borghese: The green heart of Rome is perfect for a picnic and a walk. You will be able to breathe fresh air and enjoy nature, and your kids will be able to run freely. You can rent a bike, a boat or take your kids to ride a pony, and there are tons of kid-friendly museums there, such as the Biopark, the Zoology Museum and Explora, the children’s museum. If you were planning on visiting Rome normally and dedicate a full day for your kids, Villa Borghese is the way to go.
  4. Food, food and more food: One of the most frequent setbacks of travelling with children is managing food. Many children are picky eaters, and sometimes there’s just no way of making them try new things, and we end up eating in fast food chains and sacrificing our will and need to try local cuisine. Fortunately, Rome (and Italy in general) is a nice exception. Foodies with children in the world, if you’re tired of longing for that wonderful restaurant recommended in all your guides and of swallowing your tears together with your hamburgers wherever you go, just travel to Italy. One of the best ways of enjoying Rome with children is doing it through your stomach (in fact, that’s one of the best ways of enjoying Rome, children or not). Kids love pasta and pizza, and you will find the basics you’re used to (but much better) in any restaurant.
Rome with children, pizza

Are you now ready to visit Rome with children? If you have any other recommendations to enjoy the capital of Italy with the whole family, share them with our readers in the comments!

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