Traveling alone can be an amazing experience. You manage to do things we all think about doing but we end up not doing often enough: getting out of your comfort zone, testing yourself: Will I be able to be alone with my own thoughts for that many days? Will I get bored? Will I feel insecure if I want to go out at night?


Those are questions you won’t be able to answer until you actually do it, until you actually decide to go on a trip with the sole company of yourself. You will discover the joys of being alone by choice, the pleasure of disconnecting and reflecting by yourself after seeing an amazing landscape or learning about an architectural wonder. You will also get past the self-consciousness that eating alone in a restaurant used to make you feel, you will be able to make plans for you and only you, and forget about the preferences of a travel companion, forget about the limits. Your budget will be yours; you will spend eight hours in a museum if that’s what you want, and you’ll miss that unavoidable landmark if you’d rather stay in a park and read while sunbathing. No one will judge, no one will push you. Traveling alone can make you feel totally renovated. But be careful, though – it can be addictive!

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However, there are some downsides to it as well. Yes, it may get boring sometimes – that doesn’t mean your inner life isn’t rich enough, it just means that we people are social beings and need to talk to someone once in a while. You have several options here as well. You may be staying at a hostel, where it’s easy to meet people from all over the world; you may get lucky and find a girl who’s reading one of your favourite books at a café, or you might hit it off with someone during a tour around the city you’re visiting or during a day trip. However, maybe you don’t want to rely only on luck, or maybe hostel-party-fun isn’t really what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re not in the mood for a pub crawl, but just need to exchange your impressions about your destination with a fellow girl traveller like yourself. That sounds a bit harder to find!

And yet, nowadays it got easier. You can now find what you’re looking for with solo travel apps, apps that connect female travellers with other women looking for a friend. If you prefer one-on-one relationships over a big group of people, if you’re looking for a person to bond with over your vacation or you had enough of your own thoughts for a couple of days, there’s a whole new world of options with solo travel apps. You can look for backpackers, luxury travellers or any profile that best adapts to yours, all of them verified female travellers from more than 160 countries all over the world. Because we all need company once in a while, and getting to know someone during the special time that is experiencing a new country can help build a special bond. Solo travel apps make your trips safer, richer and more special.


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