During you stay in one of our GowithOh apartments in Berlin, you may like to do something special! Here you can find the best summer events that the German Capital offers during the best season of the year!

Berlin is considered one of the trendiest capitals in Europe and if you’ve not visited it before, this is your occasion to jump into its history as well as into the city’s nightlife. From the “Long Night of the Science”, passing through the “Berlin Fashion Week” and the “Fête de la Musique”, you will find everything you’re looking for. Do you want to live your stay as a real local? Then, read further and join the events!


UEFA Men’s Champions League Final 2015

When? June, 2015

Where?  Berlin Olympic Stadium

What? FC Barcelona and Juventus, these are the teams that will compete at the Berlin Olympic Stadium the 6th of June. The tickets for the most awaited match of the year will be sold exclusively via the UEFA website. Who will win the UEFA Champions League Final 2015?!

How much?

  • category 1: 390 €
  • category 2: 280 €
  • category 3: 160 €
  • category 4: 70 €

More info: UEFA Champions League Final 2015 in Berlin 


 15th Long Night of the Sciences 2015

When? June, 2015

Where? All over Berlin

What? The 13th of June the Science will be the protagonist in Berlin! From 17:00 to midnight many scientific institutes will open their doors to the public to revel their archives, libraries and laboratories that they usually keep hidden. If you’re in love with Science then you must join the event and visit as many institutes as possible!

More info: 15th Long Night of the Sciences 2015

Fête de la Musique 2015

When? June, 2015

Where?  All over Berlin

What? Berlin celebrates the summer start with great concerts all around the city. As in many other European cities, the beginning of the hot season will be surrounded by music with both professional and amateur musicians performing. In Berlin all the concerts will be for free and they will start at 16:00 all over the streets of the city. After 22:00 the concerts will continue in clubs and others indoor venues.

More info: Fête de la Musique 2015

Classic Open Air Festival

When? 2nd – 7th July, 2015

Where? Gendarmenmarkt-square

What? Here’s one of the most awaited events in the Berlin summer! The Open-Air-Festival will be held in the heart of Berlin for 6 days. Since 1992 it has become one of the main Berlin attractions during the summer. It consists in a series of concerts which attract people from all over Germany and the world! The music ranges from opera to pop classic, to soul and jazz. Don’t miss it out!

How much? Ticket online

More info: Classic Open Air Festival

Botanical Night at Botanical Garden

When? 18th July, 2015

Where?  Botanical Garden Berlin

What? Every year you have the chance to visit the fascinating Botanical Garden… at night! You can take a stroll in meadows and woods and enjoy the Botanical Garden as you never seen that. During the Botanical Night, the famous garden turns into a mystical place and you can discover different mythical creatures created by plays of colours and by the shape of the gardens. At 2am if you raise your eyes, you will see flowers displayed also in the sky thanks to the amazing fireworks that traditionally close the event.

Berlin Fashion Week

When? 6th – 10th July, 2015

Where? Various venues

What? Berlin wears fashion in July. The Berlin Fashion Week is the most awaited event by the fashion lovers which can admire the latest collections by the most famous stylists in the world. The German capital will host many events during these days, such as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Brandenburger Gate; the Show & Order fair at the Kraftwerk in Berlin-Mitte; the Bright Tradeshow at the Arena in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

More info: Berlin Fashion Week

Holi Festival of Colours

When? 25th July, 2015

Where? Reiterstadion Olympiapark

What? Are you ready to dive into colours? The Holi Festival of Colours is an event from which all people go out… colourful! You must be dressed up totally in white and you’ll leave the festival with all the colours of the rainbow on you. Many countdowns will mark the time of the day and at the end of each one people throw their colours up in the air.

How much? The price starts from € 19,99

More info: Holi Festival of Colours

International Berlin Beer Festival

When? 7th – 9th August, 2015

Where?  Friedrichshain district

What? Here’s the festival which celebrates the king among all the German drinks. The Beer festival is held in Berlin for 3 days and you’ll be able to taste more than 2,000 different kinds of beer from about 320 different breweries. While drinking your beer, you can enjoy also music thanks to the concerts that the city will host during this days.

How much? Admission free

More info: International Berlin Beer Festival

Long Night of Museums

When? 26th August, 2015

Where? All over Berlin

What? The 26th of August the most famous museums all over Berlin open their doors to the public… at night! During night everything changes and a visit to a museum until midnight will change your art perspective. Don’t miss out this great opportunity. These are the museums participating in this initiative:

How much?

  • Normal: €  18
  • Reduced: € 12
  • Children up to 12 years:  free.

More info: Long Night of Museums


When? 4th – 5th September, 2015

Where? Maifeld

What? Every year a competition in fireworks takes place in Berlin. These year the event will take place the 4th and 5th of September and are expected more spectators than the previous years. The teams will display 2 different shows: one with music (given by the organizers) and another one without. This is the obligator programme. There’s also the freestyle one and the teams are allowed to create their own show without obligations by the organizers. The most impressive and creative show will win the trophy. These are the teams of this year:

  • Pirotecnia Caballer S.A from Spain
  • Pyrotex Fireworx from England
  • Potsdamer Feuerwerk from Germany
  • Slovakian team Privatex Pyro
  • Pyrostar Finland from Finland
  • Fireworks Martarello Ramos from Mexico

A jury of experts votes the best team which will become the champion of the Pyronale.

How much? You can order the ticket via the hotline: 01806 999 000 909 or through the website

More info: Pyronale

Berlin Marathon

When? 27th September, 2015

Where? All around Berlin

What? Put on your runner shoes and pound the pavement of Berlin running along its major attractions! Run along the Brandenburg Gate and many other sights. Don´t let this opportunity slip away! There will be more than 40,000 athletes from around 120 countries.

More info: Berlin Marathon

Have you ever been to one of those events? Which one would you like to experience?

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