Do you want to enjoy your vacation as a real Roman? Then read further!  Rome, the biggest and most famous Italian city, has many secrets that we will reveal today.

After you’ll know the city just as the locals do!


1. Rome isn’t the right city for liars!

It is well-known that “Lies have short legs!”, but maybe even short arms… Romans used to believe that if you lied while putting the hand in the famous Mouth of Truth, it would close! It is a famous legend but maybe you don’t know that, in the Middle Ages, the hand of those who told too many lies was really cut off! So remember, better not lie in Rome!

2. Let’s wake up! It’s noon!

Did you know that Paolo Sorrentino, the director of ‘The Great Beauty’, has inserted in the first scene of his movie a cannon shot? And do you know why? The director has included this loud shot to symbolize the mood of the protagonists, tired and lazy! Since 1847 this cannon shots blanks at noon every day, because Pope Pio IX wanted that all bells of the Roman churches rang together at the same time.

3. Don’t get upset in Rome!

If you decide to come to Rome we recommend you to visit the restaurant ‘Cencio la Parolaccia’! It combines the local cuisine with the ‘entertainment’ of its waiters who are simply unique in the entire European gastronomy! That means you shouldn’t get upset just because they’re a little louder, start singing during dinner or aren’t aware of the etiquette all the time.

Restaurant Rome Cencio la Parolaccia

4. The Colosseum and the death penalty

What does the Flavian Amphitheatre have to do with the death penalty? Well, the Colosseum is used as an international campaign’s support against death penalty! Since 2000, when a death sentence is commuted or canceled the interior lights of the Colosseum change from white into golden!

shutterstock_79702867 rome

5. New Year’s swim in the Tevere!

No matter the temperature, the New Year’s dive in the famous Tevere is a ritual that has to be respected! Mister Ok is the star of this event doing the first jump and giving the Ok after. So for your New Year’s Eve in Rome  we’d say… don’t forget your swimming suits!

6. Famo alla Romana! Let’s split the bill!

What you have to know is that in Rome, at the end of lunch or dinner at a restaurant, you can divide the bill! That’s great  news for those who like to eat a lot, but if you have eaten only a Carbonara it is not so convenient! So, if you know that the count will be splitted… eat as much as possible!

split the bill

7. Rules for throwing your coin in the Trevi fountain!

The tradition of throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain is very famous but not so the rules to do it! You MUST throw the coin standing with your back towards the fountain and keeping your left hand on your right shoulder! Then, close your eyes and express a desire! Only in this way you can be sure to return to Rome one day!


Fontana di Trevi

Have you ever heard any of these secrets? Now that you know how to throw coins into the Trevi Fountain you can be absolutely sure that Rome will welcome you another time! Share and leave a comment if you know other interesting fun facts! 

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