If you are greedy, Lisbon is paradise! Desserts are spectacular! The city is full of bakeries with shop windows that call attention thanks to the presence of at least two hundred types of cakes and sweets.
Also, in Lisbon you can find a cafe on each corner where you can easily taste some of their delicious desserts. We name 3 of them so you do not leave Lisbon without tasting them.

1) Pastel de Belém (Custard tart)

Three desserts that you cannot miss in Lisbon

The Pastries of Belém are a classic and are considered Portugal’s national dessert. A single bite allows you to savor the historical past of Portugal, whose origins go back to the 19th century, when the clergy were expelled from Portugal and a monk started to sell them in order to survive.

They’re delicious! They are made with puff pastry, cream and cinnamon, and if you eat them freshly made, they melt in your mouth …

The most famous are made in a pastry shop in the Belém district, but you can find them in many cake shops in Lisbon.

2) Camel slime (Camel slime)

Three desserts that you cannot miss in Lisbon

Yes, this dessert together with the Pastries of Belém are undoubtedly the best desserts in Portugal. It is known as Camel Slime, but do not be scared, there is no camel in it. It is made with eggs and milk, and it is often served with almonds on top.

Rumor has it that it was invented by a woman that was afraid of not having prepared enough food for her guests and tried to persuade them from eating by calling the dish camel slime… And it worked! Some did not even try it, but those who did were delighted.

You can find it in most restaurants as dessert.

3) Queijadas de Sintra (Sintra’s pillows)

Three desserts that you cannot miss in Lisbon

Do not miss the opportunity to go to Sintra, located just 20 minutes by car from Lisbon. In addition to being in an exceptional location, you will also have the opportunity to taste the “queijadas de Sintra”, a very typical dessert.

The origin and history of these delicious queijadas go back to medieval times, where they were used as payment currency since Sintra had excellent pastures and an excess of fresh cheese (used to make sweet dishes). It is said that they were the favorite sweets of King D. Carlos I.

The most typical are those made in Piriquita cake shop,  founded in 1862, more than 160 years ago.

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