When planning a holiday, money is always one of the biggest conversations. There’s no way of avoiding certain costs when travelling to another city – You’re going to have to sleep somewhere and you will need to eat as well. However, Berlin makes a great destination for those who are travelling on a tight budget. Not only it’s quite a cheap city if compared with other popular European capitals such as Paris and London, but also has many free entertainment options for all kinds of tastes. We have prepared a list of free activities and plans you can do in the capital of Germany without spending a dime – or spending very little if you want to make the most out of it.


Here you have GowithOh’s favourite free things to do in Berlin!

Free things to do in Berlin: Getting to know the city

Top 10 free things to do in Berlin

Sightseeing is always free, right? That’s one of the things you can be sure to do in any destination of your choice for as long as you want and without spending a single cent. Of course, there are places you won’t be able to see from inside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Berlin and get to know it well. You’ll learn lots about Berlin with any of these free activities.

  • A free tour: Many European capitals have companies that offer free tours around the city centre, and Berlin is one of them, of course! These tours are usually quite informative and fun, and are one of the best choices for your first day in the city. You should tip, though!
  • Visit the Reichstag: The German Parliament is one of the most important landmarks of Germany, and you can visit it for free, audio guide included and everything! You have to book it in advance, though.
  • Enjoy the East Side Gallery: One of the most fascinating open-air museums in the world. In the remains of the Berlin Wall you will find 105 paintings by artist from all over the world. A song for freedom and democracy.
  • Visit the Holocaust memorial: Near the Reichstag you will find the unique Holocaust memorial, where you can pay your respects to the 2711 concrete slabs representing the victims. Pay attention to the sound effects created by the shape and structure of the monument.
  • Admire the museums… from the outside: It’s not possible to visit many of the important museums for free, but nothing stops you from enjoying the beautiful architecture of the buildings of the Museum Island. Our favourite? The charming Bode Museum.


Other recommended activities in Berlin

Free things to do in Berlin: Culture & Entertainment

Top 10 free things to do in Berlin - Gowiithoh


Now that you know a lot about Berlin, it’s time to have some free fun and to dig deeper in certain matters of your choice. In the following list of free things to do in Berlin you’ll find options for all kinds of tastes:

  • Have a picnic: Berlin is a very green city, and spending a day in one of several of its park is one of the best things to do in Berlin for free. You can have a picnic and even learn about history through the monuments located in several of them. Treptower Park, for instance, is full of memorials about Soviet history. Check out our article about the best parks in Berlin for more information!
  • Sing along at Mauerpark: Mauerpark is one of the nicest spots in Berlin. There is grass to sit in, a very interesting flea market and quite a unique… Karaoke! That’s right – Visiting Mauerpark will make you cross three items of this list of free things to do in Berlin, and you will have a ton of fun doing it. On Sundays, you can participate in the Bearpit Karaoke, which is a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • Enjoy free music: If you happen to be in Berlin on a Tuesday, don’t miss out the chamber music concerts at the Berliner Philarmonie. At 1pm, the students of the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler perform for a large audience. Besides, some nights there are free jam sessions there as well.
  • Enter in the museums for free:There is free admission in many historical ad regional museums in Berlin. Other museums such as the Academy of Arts, the Museum of Film and Television or the KW Institute for Contemporary Art open for free once a week. If you need to add a museum to your to-do list wherever you go, you can do it in Berlin for free as well.
  • Go to a flea market: Berlin has many interesting flea markets where to buy all sorts of weird and unique items, as well as clothes and some typical German foods, such as pretzels, sausages or Glühwine. And, if you don’t want to buy, looking through all those antiques makes for a great plan too. Besides the one located at Mauerpark, you can also visit Arkonaplatz and Neukölln Flowmarket.
Top ten free things to do in Berlin - Gowithoh

Now you that you have an extensive list of free things to do in Berlin, your bank account can breathe easy. Get ready to explore one of the greatest cities in Europe on a very reasonable budget!


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