Rome is a city where you will travel back in time. There’s history in every corner, and so much to see that there are Rome highlights packed everywhere you go.

These are the top 10 Rome highlights that deserve a visit:

  • The Coliseum: You may have seen thousands of pictures of it, but the real thing doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be blown away!
  • The Roman Forum: It was the centre of Old Rome, and it is full of remains and history: The real cradle of civilisation. Tip: bring a bottle of water!
  • Piazza Navona: A very unique square where you’ll be able to enjoy the typical colours of Rome and enjoy beautiful monuments and buildings.
  • The Fontana di Trevi: Throwing a coin to the water and making a wish is one of the top traditions and Rome highlights you can’t miss.
  • The Pantheon: A rounded temple dedicated to gods, where you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of light and silence. One of the unforgettable Rome highlights.
  • The Spanish steps: If you travel to the capital of Italy around May, it should be the first in your list of Rome highlights, as they are decorated with flowers and make an unforgettable picture.
  • Castel St. Angelo: It was the mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian, and a prison until 1870.
  • Via Appia Antica: It was one of the main roads in Ancient Rome, and it makes a beautiful, quiet promenade nowadays.

Rome highlights, but not in Rome

No, we didn’t miscount! The two last Rome highlights you can’t miss are geographically in Rome, but they are in fact in another country: Vatican City.

  • St. Peter’s Square: A huge, beautiful round square presided by a Basilica that perfectly reflects the power of the Catholic Church. Besides, if you’re travelling with children, they’ll love to take a photo next to the picturesque Swiss Guards.
  • The Vatican Museums: The Sistine Chapel and all the gems hidden in the museums of the Vatican City will leave you breathless.


Now you have 10 great reasons to visit the Capital of Italy. You won’t be able to walk around for long without seeing one of the Rome highlights, as there are enough for you to have lots to do every day. An unforgettable trip awaits you!

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