Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam with the whole family? If that’s your case, prepare to take some notes, because we bring you the best things to do in Amsterdam with children!

Amsterdam with children… Like the locals

Dream big... Enjoy reality! Amsterdam is known to be a rainy city, but that doesn’t stop the locals… and it shouldn’t stop you either! The inhabitants of Amsterdam like to spend time outside, and the streets and parks are incredibly crowded whenever the sun comes out. There are many things you can do in Amsterdam with children in order to enjoy the lively atmosphere of its streets. Take note of the following!







  • Rent a bike… Amsterdam seems to be made for bikes, since cycling is the best way to move around the city. There are tons of places where you can rent one, and you’ll get to experience Amsterdam with children the best possible way: It’s quick, it’s fun, and you can still go from one place to the other outdoors!
  • …Or a bakfiets! If your children are too young for you to trust them with a bike, there is also a safer option: A bakfiets, a bike with a little trolley on the front so you can carry your kids around. Believe it or not, many locals use them too!
Amsterdam with Children - GowithOh
  • Have a picnic in the park: In any of the many Albert Heijn supermarkets, you will be able to buy fresh juices, sandwiches and pies so you can go enjoy them at any of the beautiful parks of the city. Vondelpark, located near the Rijksmuseum, is the go-to option. Besides, if you rent a bike, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful park to the fullest by cycling around its lakes and paths.
  • Climb the ‘iamsterdam’ sign: Spending some time at the ‘iamsterdam’ sign located at Museumplein is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam with children. It’s a sign with big letters that spell ‘iamsterdam’ in red and white. You will see many tourists climbing them and taking some funny pictures. Your kids and you can do so as well – but, of course, keep an eye on them so they don’t fall!
Amsterdam with Children - GowithOh
  • Go on a boat tour: Yes, it may not be one of the activities the locals do… Unless they have their own boat! But it’s still a perfect way to admire the beauty of the old streets and the canals, and to keep your kids entertained at the same time.
  • Do some shopping: In the neighbourhood of De Pijp, a nice residential area ideal for families, you will find some interesting shops for kids in Schedelstraat, including a store dedicated to Miffy, the popular Dutch cartoon of a bunny.

Cultural spots to enjoy Amsterdam with children

Amsterdam is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, but it’s also a place with lots of culture. And although some of the museums there might be a bit too much for your kids to enjoy, there are some cultural spots that will allow you to enjoy Amsterdam with children, and that will be the perfect excuse for them to learn! The following places will be a delight for the little ones of the family, and also a source of knowledge they’re not likely to forget!

  • Anne Frank House: A good opportunity for them to learn history. In fact, for many of us Anne Frank was the one who first explained what the Holocaust was and what it meant for the world’s History. They will be able to learn Anne Frank’s story and to see what used to be her house.
  • NEMO museum: Anne Frank may not be the best option if your children are very young – in that case, the whole family can have some fun at the NEMO museum, one of the best options to enjoy Amsterdam with children. It’s a science museum dedicated to kids who are 6 years old and older, and it will be a fun and educative experience for them. Besides, the museum has a wonderful terrace from where you’ll get one of the best views of Amsterdam!
  • Teach them some art: You are never too young to appreciate the value of the arts! You can make the most of the occasion and book an audio tour for kids in the Rembrandt House. Besides, you can also take them to the colourful Van Gogh Museum.
  • Take them to the flower market: The Bloemenmarkt is one of the most magical places of Amsterdam. The beautiful stalls are outdoors, right next to the stunning Singel canal, and you will be able to take lots of great pictures. Besides, your kids and you can pick some of the pretty tulip bulbs for your garden at home!
Amsterdam with Children - GowithOh

Now you’re ready to live Amsterdam with children and to make the most out of the experience! And, as you can see, many of the options here listed are budget-friendly too!

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