London is a magical city, and probably the one kids are the happiest to visit. They learn English in school since they are very young, and they will soon be familiar with the double decker buses, the red phone booths and the hats of the guards of Buckingham palace. Going to London with children is a great idea: Can you imagine the excitement in their eyes when they see all those things for the first time?

We have prepared a list of activities and recommendations that will be very useful to fully enjoy London with children. Take good note of them before travelling to the capital of England!


Activities to do in London with children

The main recommendation to enjoy London with children is to find activities suitable for them and for you, so you can all have some family fun.

We have prepared a list of activities and plans so your trip to London with children is truly unforgettable. Seeing London through your little one’s eyes will be the most special thing of your vacation!

  • The London Eye. This wonderful Ferris wheel is real must in London, with children and adults! Probably the only activity both adults and kids will enjoy the same way. The ticket can seem pricey, but the view of the city is unforgettable.
Top 10 tips & activities to enjoy London with children
  • The Harry Potter Experience. If you visit London with children, you can’t skip a visit to the heart of the Harry Potter world. The Warner Bros Studio Tour London will show your kids many of the films’ scenarios and will discover you many secrets about the saga. There are other spots in London that have some Harry Potter remainders, like Kings Cross’ station, for instance. Don’t be a muggle and include some Harry Potter fun in your trip!
  • A musical for kids (and adults!). As you probably know, the capital of England is famous for its musicals too, so a wonderful activity to do in London with children is going to one. Among the options, you will always find some suitable for kids and enjoyable for adults, such as The Lion King, Matilda or Charlie and the Cholocate Factory.
  • The ‘Buckingham Palace show’. If you visit London with children, you can’t miss the changing of guard at the Buckingham Palace. Your kids will love it! It takes place daily from April to July and on alternate dates the rest of the year, at 11.30 in the morning. However, don’t forget to go at 11.15 to catch the whole ceremony. Your kids will love it!
  • The Natural History Museum. When visiting London with children, this museum will be the perfect choice for a cultural outing. The wonderful dinosaur skeleton will be enough for them to love it!
Top 10 tips & activities to enjoy London with children

Other recommendations to enjoy London with Children

But, of course, not all your trip to London can be dedicated to your kids! The adult side of the family has the right of enjoying themselves as well, and since you’re abroad, you won’t be able to leave them with grandma or grandpa this time! Here you have a few other recommendations to enjoy London with children. You’ll see many of them can apply to other destinations as well, so take good note of them!

  • Make the trips fun… Double-decker buses and taxis are two of the most famous landmarks of London. Yes, the Tube may be faster, but your children will love to travel in the top floor of one of the legendary red buses!
  • …And remember them forever. The capital of England is an incredibly picturesque city, so your trip to London with children is a great opportunity to teach them how to take pictures. Let them borrow your camera and experiment with the beautiful images the city offers!
  • Trick them into some chill time. A typical image of London with children (or any other destination with children!): incredibly active kids asking what to do next, together with truly exhausted parents. Well, London offers a great solution for that! Go chill in a park and let your kids feed the friendly squirrels: they will keep them entertained for a while!
Top 10 tips & activities to enjoy London with children
  • What about food? Are you the parent of a fussy eater? London will bring you the opportunity of finally getting your little one to eat some fish. Kids will love the tasty fried fish & chips!
  • Don’t forget about the weather. London is a rainy city, so it’s good to be prepared: the rain can be a fun part of your trip if you pack umbrellas, raincoats and rain boots.


What did you think about these tips and recommendations to enjoy London with children? If you’ve already achieved this milestone, don’t forget to share your tips & tricks in the comments so other parents can learn from you!

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