Berlin is vibrant, alternative and lately becoming a super trendy travel tip. Especially, now in summer we recommend to visit the German capital and get to know the city despite all the prejudices. The metropole has so much more to offer than just good beer and it’s not even as cold and rainy as you might think!

Top Berlin Experts

If you need some guidance follow these 15 Berlin lovers and find out what to see, eat and how life in Berlin feels like.

For the fashionists

  • Iheartberlin - This is a blog run by some real Berlin lovers. If you want to experience Berlin’s fashionable and artsy side you’ll find tons of information about fashion shows, events and art galleries here. They have a pretty complete and updated calendar. But not only that – In the section “People” you’ll find stories from people about people.
  • Masha Sedgwick - Masha’s blog is quite hard to describe, but we try anyways! – great photos, a distinctive style and helpful tips around beauty and fashion. After 5 years of existence the blog is one of the most famous in Germany and also internationally popular. For those of you who want to practice German, it’s a multilingual page. We’re great fans!
  • ArtConnect - Berlin is not only famous for its alternative and extravagant fashion scene, but also it attracts many artists and so that is what the magazine is about. Interested in photography and insider tips? Check out ArtConnect!

For photography lovers

  • Finding Berlin - This is one of the most sarcastic and funny blogs we found on our research about Berlins stars and still undiscovered talents! It’s not necessarily about photography, but they take awesome pictures and since Finding Berlin doesn’t really fit in any of our categories it got its place here. Hilarious even if you’re not visiting Berlin in the soon future!
  • Abandoned Berlin – Searching for really secret tips in the City of Change? The blog shows you the most hidden, oldest and sometimes very spooky places in and around Berlin. Alert: Incredible photos guaranteed!
  • Xixerone - Xixerone is a travel and photography blog and has been pretty much focused on great places all around the world in the past 5 years. Recently, Luis moved to Berlin and now he shares great tips and even better, awesome photos of Berlin with his readers. If you’re into photography check out this blog!

For the foodies

  • Foodie in BerlinAfter Suzy created the very creative and delicious food blog about Berlin, she moved to sunny Barcelona some years ago. But you can still find everything related to food in the city – from restaurant tips over shops to recommendations for day trips.
  • Stil in Berlin - Stil in berlin is not only about the best food tips and secret places with tasty dishes in the German capital, but a big part unravels a lot of excitement for food lovers. Check out this stylish blog for different Berlin guides, insider tips about art and of course their tasty food articles.
  • Berlin Reified - You enter the first page of Berlin Reified and you can feel the food love right away. The fabulous food blog is written by Sylee Gore since 2006. Sylee is an expat living and exploring Berlin’s broad food landscape. Check out her site to find out more about the German capital, things to do and of course, restaurants and recipes.

Berlin secret hints

  • Exberliner - Founded in 2002, Exberliner is Germany’s largest reportage magazine in English. Here you can find just about everything that is happening in Berlin, mostly culture-related. Find out what’s going on in the single parts of Berlin and read what the city is talking about.
  • Meetup Berlin – New in the city or just interested to meet new people? Meetup is the perfect site to get in touch with other internationals. Besides meeting cool people, you’ll also get to know new places and maybe even work out together.
  • Sugarhigh - Here you’ll find info about hidden places, like bars, restaurants or events! The magazine promises that they’ll make you fall in love all over again. And for those of you who’d like to practice their German, the site is also available German.

Berlin seen by expats

  • überlin - überlin is much more than just an expat blog – it’s about lifestyle, photography and people. 2010 James and Zoë moved from London to Berlin and since then they write about their experiences and impressions about the German capital.
  • The Ex-Expat - Jenni (born in Germany, but Scottish at heart) writes about the daily life of a an expat family in Berlin, her love for museums, other travels as well as her DIY projects.
  • Fotostrasse - Fotostrasse is a travel, photography and art blog written by the Brazilian couple Marcela and Felipe. But you cannot only find travel tips for in and around Berlin, but also other cities you might have not thought of visiting. Inspiring!

On our way crawling through the web for the most interesting Berlin accounts we saw dozens of great and inspiring blogs, sites and pages. This list could be endless. Do you think we’re urgently missing someone that simply has to be in this list? Let us know in the comments, so we can add some experts of Berlin.

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