With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, any couples planning an impromptu trip to Europe to celebrate their love may be struggling to find suitable accommodation. Discovering that ideal apartment is an essential factor in making your vacation to Europe the perfect romantic retreat and that’s where we can help! Of course, the “perfect” place varies from person to person as tastes can differ enormously from sleek and modern to the flamboyant and everything in between.



But what could be better this Valentine’s day than staying in a charming, quaint apartment. We’re talking about the special kind of places that spring to the mind of every romantic when imagining a dream stay in Europe, filled with vintage decorations, cute wooden furnishings and beautiful exposed brick walls. The places where you can picture yourself clutching your steaming mug of morning coffee in both hands as you stare out the window at an achingly beautiful European city awaking to a new day.

If you’re considering a Valentine’s Day vacation to Paris then perhaps these apartments may be just what you’ve been looking for!

These romantic getaways don’t have to be just for you and your partner either. There are also plenty of attractive, vintage apartments which are ideal for groups of friends who want to experience the charm of Europe together. During the day you may stroll around the city, exploring and taking arty photos as a group. Then, as the night draws in, you can head out to the bars for a night out amongst your closest friends before returning home to your gorgeous flat.

Here are just a couple of apartments we’ve found in Barcelona that really do pull on our heartstrings!

Surprise your loved one with the perfect romantic getaway to Europe becoming a reality this year with GowithOh!

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