Welcome to Los Angeles, the city of dreams, or the city of broken dreams, as some call it as well —the world’s capital of cinema and stars, as it hosts the biggest film industry in the entire planet. It’s almost impossible to travel to L.A. and not do anything related to movies, and chances are you will run into one celebrity or two. However, there are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles, even for those who aren’t that keen on the big screen, as it is one of the most interesting cities in the United States: thriving with culture and entertainment, Los Angeles has plenty of options for all kinds of tastes.


In order to enjoy L.A. to the fullest the best option is to rent a car – those who live there will tell you that it’s almost impossible to get around without one, and, even if that isn’t exactly true (it does have a really good subway network), the car is the go-to option if you intend to move freely around the city. Of course, get ready to intense and confusing traffic! If you’re not the best in front of the wheel, it may be better to stick to public transport.


But, whatever transportation option you prefer, there are plenty of things to do in Los Angeles, so we have prepared a complete list of our top recommendations. Start planning your trip with us!


The best movie related things to do in Los Angeles

As we were saying, it’s impossible to avoid the Hollywood universe in the city of dreams  – and why would you want to? These are some of the wonderful things to do in Los Angeles:

  • Get the mandatory postcard picture with the Hollywood sign: You know you have to. No one will believe you’ve visited L.A if you don’t come back with this souvenir! To get there, you will also see Hollywood Hills, a residential area full of celebrities.




  • The Walk of Fame: In the famous Hollywood Boulevard you will find one of the top things to do in Los Angeles: Visiting the Walk of Fame and finding the stars of your idols! Over 2.500 celebrities enjoy the honour of having their star in the world’s most famous boulevard.
  • Visit the Dolby Theater: If winning an Oscar is one of your dreams, you can (partly) make it come to life by visiting the place where the ceremony is hosted every year.
  • Have fun in Universal Studios Hollywood: If you’re travelling with children, you can let them have their fun in this wonderful amusement park: there are lots of exhilarating attractions inspired in famous films, such as the Harry Potter saga or Jurassic Park. The entry is quite pricey, but it will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.
  • Impersonate a local in Beverly Hills: We all know you won’t succeed, but you’ll get to see the mansions of L.A.’s celebrities. Surely you will have seen some already when you go see the Hollywood sign, but you can’t leave the city of dreams without visiting its most famous residential area.

Other things to do in Los Angeles

Those who want to avoid a movie-themed trip, or who just want a bit of a balance, have the following options of things to do in Los Angeles:

  • Visit the Griffith Park: L.A.’s largest natural space, from which you can enjoy a great view of the city. The Sunset from the Griffith Observatory is unforgettable.
  • Enjoy art in the Getty Museum: See paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh in this exclusive private collection.
  • Downtown Los Angeles: You shouldn’t leave L.A. without visiting the real city, even if there aren’t that many monuments to visit. It can be a little bit dangerous at night. There you will find The Broad, a fantastic contemporary art museum.
  • Shop at The Grove: An open mall like no other, worth going even if you can’t afford most of the shops, as it has its very own train to move around it. It is also a great place to spot celebrities.
  • Sunbathe in Santa Monica Beach: Santa Monica Beach and Pier are also a landmark of Los Angeles, and a perfect spot to relax.
  • Visit Venice: From Santa Monica, you can walk or bike to Venice Beach, where you will be able to enjoy a much more alternative and less fancy atmosphere than in Santa Monica. Once you go there you can also visit the canals, that were created in the 20th century by a tobacco mogul who wanted to build a replica of Venice.
  • Experience the NBA at the Staples Center: Last but not least, what about seeing a match of the Los Angeles Lakers to put the cherry on top?


So, which of these things to do in Los Angeles is the first one on your list? Have you ever been to L.A? Tell us about your trip in the comments!

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