The cold weather is here, and it’s going to stay for a while. It has its perks, we can’t deny it – who doesn’t love to spend languid Sunday afternoons cosying-up under a blanket with popcorn and a good film or book? Hibernating like a bear can be so tempting! However, let’s not forget about the delightful experience that travelling in winter can be. First of all, we have the old-school ski trips, but that’s not what we’re going to be taking about today. Travelling in winter can be done exactly the same as in the summer… If you pick the right destinations!

Travelling in Winter

We may have to forget about the beach card if we decide on a winter escapade, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Cold weather allows us to enjoy more hiking and sightseeing, and we don’t have to suffer thirst or heat as we walk from one side of the city to the other. Besides, there’s always less people, which means that we will be able to plan better (or go without a plan!), waste less time queuing and be able to enjoy more choices, too! Besides, remember that winter is usually low season everywhere, which also means saving up a little bit more.

Of course, travelling in winter the good way requires choosing your destination wisely. Here you have our top destinations for the colder months!

Travelling in winter: Venice

Venice is a romantic destination that has a lot to offer when it’s hot, but it has a special, uncanny charm when it’s cold and misty. In the winter, you will be able to feel the wind in your face, to enjoy the scattered trees and the shadowy little streets. You will enjoy the low season in a city that can be overpriced for tourists, and if you’re lucky, you will also experience the famous acqua alta, that floods the plazas and streets in Venice and is part of its idiosyncrasies as well. This phenomenon may make sightseeing a tad difficult, but seeing Piazza San Marco with those centimetres of water and under the precious blue winter sky is an unforgettably beauty image.

Those who don’t like cold weather may have a bit of a hard time, though, due to the humid atmosphere, but it will give you the opportunity to rediscover the romance of the winter. Undoubtedly, Venice is one of the best destinations for travelling in winter.

Travelling in winter: Berlin

Berlin winter

We need to warn you: It’s going to be very cold, so pack extra coats and mittens if you spend the winter next to the heater! However, Berlin is a wonderful city to travel to in winter, as the ice and the cold make it even more beautiful. You may be able to walk on ice or snow, and it’s specially charming to see the train bridges under a white sheet. Also, there are some places in Berlin that seem to be made especially for snowy winters, such as the abandoned amusement park located near Treptower Park, the Spreepark, which is even more uncanny and creepy with snow; or the flea markets that sell glühwine, pretzels or sausages.

Besides, let’s not forget that Berlin has lots of things to do in warm places… Such as its 175 museums or its great clubbing scene! It’s the perfect place for a cultural or a dancing escapade, and one of the most beautiful options for travelling in winter.

Travelling in winter: Barcelona

If you checked out our article on the best destinations to travel to in autumn, you will see that we repeat this one. There is a good reason, though! As you probably know if you’ve visited this beautiful Mediterranean City, sometimes there are so many tourists it is hard to even walk in the city centre. Particularly Las Ramblas can be an overwhelming place! Well, you won’t have to deal with that during the winter. Yes, the number of tourists still feels higher than in other European cities, but the most visited attractions are much more enjoyable in the winter months.

Besides, Barcelona has an incredibly nice weather, to the point that winter sometimes doesn’t even feel like winter! Those who are sensitive to the cold will find in Barcelona one of the best destinations for this weather. Perhaps you won’t be ale to bathe in the sea, but you will be able to sit by the seaside and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. If you don’t feel like travelling in winter because of the cold weather, the soft climate of Barcelona will surely change your mind.



What did you think of these destinations for travelling in winter? Do you like travelling when it’s cold, or you prefer the old-school summer vacation? Don’t forget to speak your mind in the comments section!

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